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  1. All, My natural inclination is always to prefer DRM-Free - especially on GoG, but does anyone know if I'd lose anything by going with GoG for PoE? Is there Steam workshop support or anything like that? Cheers, DF
  2. Thanks to everyone for your answers. It does seem likely that the Mac version will be on GoG. Have a good weekend all!
  3. Hi all, Just a quick question. I see that the choice between GoG and Steam is available for backers, and being a tree-hugging anti-DRM hippy, I'd obviously prefer the GoG version. My concern is that the FAQ states that if you prefer multi-platform, you should opt for Steam. Does this mean that the Mac version won't be available via GoG, even though they now supply Mac versions of games where possible? Does anyone have on info on this? Cheers, DF
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