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  1. Thats not how it's gonna work you moron. Retardation on your part. And it was wrong to try and suck up to a retarded moron. I should have kept on criticizing him instead. Since my last post didn't seem to go through, I will comment on this again: Aside from your insistence that JE Sawyer hails from Redundancyville, what do you think calling him "moronic" "stupid" or "retarded" is solving? Do you think Josh is reading your posts and falling to his knees, weeping at his own incompetence? The fact that you feel it is appropriate to personally attack him (esp. with "retarded") over subjective, theoretical features of a video game says more about you than it does him.
  2. This is possible. Though, it could lead to very generic curses on items, if they were even in at all. Unfortunately when you get into randomly generated content, you usually cannot go too far in depth with it. I am all for curses, though. As long as it is more embarrassing (as you said) or a minor inconvenience as opposed to being game-altering then it seems like a perfectly good idea. Hopefully there is some money in the budget for cool little things like that.
  3. As I have seen in other posts you love to bend over and take all of the dumbing down with great pleasure. You also attack anybody that criticizes the dumbing down. So, yes, I meant dumbing down, i.e. destroying the mechanics so that the game caters more to retards, which might be the reason why you like it. Considering we do not even know the extent of the gameplay mechanics that will actually appear in this game, what are you railing against? And if you really hate this game (which is still supposedly in the conceptual phase) why do you post in a forum dedicated to it? Aside from being incredibly crude and insulting to someone who really said nothing to deserve it, why are you so upset about theoretical "dumbing down" and what does that even mean in the context of a not-D&D cRPG?
  4. I think death animations would definitely be preferable. While I would prefer both, unique death animations would definitely add a bit more "personality" to the game. Unfortunately, since this is just somewhat over a shoestring budget, it is unlikely we will get a lot of visual flair. I just hope that, in spite of the probable simplicity, it still sells well so we can have the bigger, better, fully realized sequel.
  5. I agree with others in this thread. I would prefer the youtube videos w/ commentary, but if you could make them 15/20/30 minutes long that would probably increase the quality and decrease the amount you need to make.
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