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  1. Oh, wow, awesome. Very cool of Bethesda to do this.
  2. He is also wrong about the dialogue being only voiced. There is text displaying what the NPC is saying as it is saying it.
  3. Big point of MW too. The PC was Uber way too fast, and the same low-level monsters kept coming up. So if it was just done by cheats has to be seen. And knowdown/disarm and zoom, well, that's going to make it even easier (and boring)? How much damage can an enemy do when his Daedra Uber-Sword is not even in his hands? You can stop blocking/strafing right away and keep hacking (as in MW) For the dialogue; as I said: Hopefully, but I fear the worst here. Since we have voices they can't just give 2000 NPC's the same "Last Rumor" without having a lot of lines recorded and taking up space... B
  4. The combat was short and uninteresting because the PC was uber. Also, there are combat perks to all the weapons (once you get the blade skill to a certain number you can get a chance for disarm or knockdown, bow gets a zoom, stuff like that). There's probably going to be alot more since the whole demo seemed stripped of everything BUT what they wanted to show in it's linear path (for instance, the only two dialogue topics were the ones he was talking about/wanted to talk about and had planned to use, the actual "dialogue trees" only had one question that he planned on asking). I'm sure in
  5. It's both an on-rails shooter and an adventure game. It's pretty damn good, but I guess not for everyone. It's definately under-rated so far, IMO.
  6. Try to get Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (they have much, much more in common with CRPG's than any games in this thread). Forget what anyone else said in this thread. You'd be wasting your money if you take alot of their advise.
  7. From Phantom's post, it seems to me that Morrowind actually had a really good story. Now if Bethesda can fix the bad combat and dialogue, then Oblivion is sounding more and more juicy .
  8. It looks good, but I'm definately looking forward to Oblivion much, much more.
  9. ... I think volourn's posts make up almost 1/4 of this thread.
  10. This game was such a let down for me. I heard a bunch of praises about it, so I bought it on a whim. The first thirty minutes of the game had me intruiged. As the game dragged on, I hated the story more and more, and I kept waiting for something original or interesting to happen in the story. Alas, I got to the last guy... with that empty feeling of "that's it?... **** this game". If your looking for a good jap console rpg, I'd recommend looking elsewhere in actually original and great games like xenogears, chrono cross, shin megami tensei, disgaea (in gameplay, though it does have a funn
  11. heh, that was my whole point, I'm just didn't say it as nice as you did.
  12. Uh, you! OMG ITS NOSTERDAMUS!!!!! Dude, you're not bringing anything constructive to the discussion. (EDITED) well, it doesn't matter, I'm done. take it easy
  13. Actually I don't think. Again, I don't think. You know there are far more games I praise then I bitch at. Hell people can probably name all the games that I bitch at, whereas no one could probably venture all the games I absolutely love. PS:T, is hardly my beloved. And the nameless one is blank slate that starts as a fighter. However, you can easily turn into a mage, or a thief. I am not familiar with the planescape setting, so I don't know what other classes it could have provided. My kids are probably more mature then you, and you are calling me a baby
  14. ooohh, someone can't take a little open-mindedness can he? Most people are very sure this is for KOTR2, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Heh, I smell ignorance my friend, and a dash of arrogance. The fact is, you don't know much about the story, you know what a few paragraphs of a magazine told you. It's fine to make a judgment on a story this early in development (before you've even played it), but it's still stupid. and aaaaahahaha you think jedi academy had a good story??? let alone a good star wars story? Wow... Jedi Acedemy was basically a first person sh
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