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  1. Oh, wow, awesome. Very cool of Bethesda to do this.
  2. He is also wrong about the dialogue being only voiced. There is text displaying what the NPC is saying as it is saying it.
  3. Big point of MW too. The PC was Uber way too fast, and the same low-level monsters kept coming up. So if it was just done by cheats has to be seen. And knowdown/disarm and zoom, well, that's going to make it even easier (and boring)? How much damage can an enemy do when his Daedra Uber-Sword is not even in his hands? You can stop blocking/strafing right away and keep hacking (as in MW) For the dialogue; as I said: Hopefully, but I fear the worst here. Since we have voices they can't just give 2000 NPC's the same "Last Rumor" without having a lot of lines recorded and taking up space... But just the convo options needed, as seen in this movie, isn't going to help the "Freedom" feeling the ES-Series should have at all... The dog thing: If it is a joke, then it would be pre-scripted = Bad Sign for the actual ingame AI. As said before "Fargoth's Quest" made for the movie anyone? If it is NOT scripted then it is bad too, I don't wan't to loose NPC's just because another find he/she should kill him/her. That option should be only available to me; the PC... Which could also be a bad thing. Alot of Morrowinds lenght came of huge walking parts, if you can skip it instantly from any position free now, gameplay time may shorten by alot. Plus would be FedEx jobs get less annoying; but now when they make those less annoying they remove most out of the game <_< <{POST_SNAPBACK}> On uber too fast (and if you're denying he WAS uber, just look at the number of his health and mana in the video, look at how much he is damaged, and look how he started the game as an expert in blades, stealth and marksman etc.): They have implimented a system so that as you gain in power, enemies will as well. So certain NPCs/monsters, where it makes sense, will always be two or three (or whatever they choose for that specific monster/NPC) levels ahead (and probably with some, behind you) of you (though, that's not always the case, I've heard there are some who don't get stronger as you do). So that there will always be a challenge compared to Morrowind. And knockdown, disarm etc. is just going to add more strategy to the combat (unless they impliment it badly, of cource). Dialogue: No one is expecting 2000 NPCs (and I think the number of npcs is a little over 1000) to have alot of dialogue trees, it would be foolish to do so. But, it's not all that foolish to assume alot of the important quest NPCs will have at least a few dialogue choices to give more life to them. Even games like Fallout didn't have that many NPCs with diaogue choices, most NPCs that populated the world just spouted one liners. While in ESIV, they'll probably just have little more than dialogue topics to get information. And the voiceover IS taking alot of space because there is so much, it takes half the space of the DVD they're putting it on. I don't think it matters about dialogue making you feel "free". ES games have never used dialogue in that way. It MIGHT help in making the game and NPCs feel more alive/immersive, and that's what was one of Morrowinds biggest faults (of the many). The ways in which actual freedom has been improved is in the multiple ways to complete each quest that they are able to make. They've said they've gone to great lengths to improve on this as much as they can. We'll see what they come up with. Heh, everything in that demo was pre-scripted to a certain extent (Uber, starting with armor, at this exact moment or place warp to the next act in the demo, NPCs only having dialogue topics of what he was planning to talk about, the NPCs going to talk about that specific topic at that exact moment). He was playing it LIVE in front of an AUDIENCE. There is no room for spontanious or errors in there. I'm going to assume it was not simply "pre-scripted" though (actually, they've described what they actually did, and it's not that). They just moved the AI indicators to make the NPCs much, much more likely to do this certain thing and that moment. And really, it doesn't give the most honest and straight-forward example of AI, but it DOES show how powerful it can be, and how unique an NPC can act from it. And how moving an AI indicator in a certain way to have this NPC more likely to do this (and the NPC figures out what to do itself based on it's surroundings), is much easier and better and more dynamic than scripting it exactly. I think it can add ALOT to the quests, and apparently they have done alot with it in the quests. I can't wait to see what they've come up with. Fast Travel: You don't HAVE to use it. If you feel you want to walk a few miles to a town you've already been to and explore, DO IT. If you feel it will be tedius and you just want to get there already, FAST TRAVEL. Best of both worlds. More freedom for the player with less tedium for the ones who don't want it.
  4. The combat was short and uninteresting because the PC was uber. Also, there are combat perks to all the weapons (once you get the blade skill to a certain number you can get a chance for disarm or knockdown, bow gets a zoom, stuff like that). There's probably going to be alot more since the whole demo seemed stripped of everything BUT what they wanted to show in it's linear path (for instance, the only two dialogue topics were the ones he was talking about/wanted to talk about and had planned to use, the actual "dialogue trees" only had one question that he planned on asking). I'm sure in the real game it will have a couple dialogue choices for quest NPCs and have fodder NPCs just be topics. The AI was pushed in a certain direction because he was playing it live, if something that happened that he wasn't expecting, his whole speech about features would have probably been messed up. The whole dog thing was just a joke to get the E3 audience to laugh, something that I've noticed alot of people don't get (in most topics I've read about the video I always hear "omg, the AI sux, people are going to be burning dogs and ****!").
  5. It's both an on-rails shooter and an adventure game. It's pretty damn good, but I guess not for everyone. It's definately under-rated so far, IMO.
  6. Try to get Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (they have much, much more in common with CRPG's than any games in this thread). Forget what anyone else said in this thread. You'd be wasting your money if you take alot of their advise.
  7. From Phantom's post, it seems to me that Morrowind actually had a really good story. Now if Bethesda can fix the bad combat and dialogue, then Oblivion is sounding more and more juicy .
  8. It looks good, but I'm definately looking forward to Oblivion much, much more.
  9. ... I think volourn's posts make up almost 1/4 of this thread.
  10. This game was such a let down for me. I heard a bunch of praises about it, so I bought it on a whim. The first thirty minutes of the game had me intruiged. As the game dragged on, I hated the story more and more, and I kept waiting for something original or interesting to happen in the story. Alas, I got to the last guy... with that empty feeling of "that's it?... **** this game". If your looking for a good jap console rpg, I'd recommend looking elsewhere in actually original and great games like xenogears, chrono cross, shin megami tensei, disgaea (in gameplay, though it does have a funny story), Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant story, breath of fire (3,4, and 5) etc. There are so many more, better games than this one.
  11. heh, that was my whole point, I'm just didn't say it as nice as you did.
  12. Uh, you! OMG ITS NOSTERDAMUS!!!!! Dude, you're not bringing anything constructive to the discussion. (EDITED) well, it doesn't matter, I'm done. take it easy
  13. Actually I don't think. Again, I don't think. You know there are far more games I praise then I bitch at. Hell people can probably name all the games that I bitch at, whereas no one could probably venture all the games I absolutely love. PS:T, is hardly my beloved. And the nameless one is blank slate that starts as a fighter. However, you can easily turn into a mage, or a thief. I am not familiar with the planescape setting, so I don't know what other classes it could have provided. My kids are probably more mature then you, and you are calling me a baby? Anyhow, I change enough diapers every week to want to actually have that happen to me. But anyway, there are a lot of people who seem to like my suggestion, and since I am basing my suggestion off, THE CORE STAR WARS CRPG RULES!!!!!11111!!! Then it sort makes sense why someone would want that in a STAR WARS CRPG!!!!1111 Didn't BIS add more options to Snowblinds BGDA? I think its only natural to expect the same from BIS/Obsidian. People making such poor analogies should not be calling other people an idiot. I have never heard of you're sorry arse, where is all this hostility coming from? Anyway, for those who of us who actually care to read, I think it has been stressed already that if the game is in late development then all this is a moot point. Why don't you do the same. Keep in an open mind that is. Maybe he wants a job where he does not have to be worried about getting laid off, or paying too much in taxes, but just enjoys playing them and giving his opinions during development. Don't be a forum fascist. Do you know that you are bitching about bitching? You guys have horrible comebacks. My whole point was just this(and that you guys are arrogant ****): Don't bother bitching about obsidian forcing you to be a jedi, it's innevitable. Pretty simple guys.
  14. ooohh, someone can't take a little open-mindedness can he? Most people are very sure this is for KOTR2, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Heh, I smell ignorance my friend, and a dash of arrogance. The fact is, you don't know much about the story, you know what a few paragraphs of a magazine told you. It's fine to make a judgment on a story this early in development (before you've even played it), but it's still stupid. and aaaaahahaha you think jedi academy had a good story??? let alone a good star wars story? Wow... Jedi Acedemy was basically a first person shooter with third person light saber and force parts added to it. It was a simple action game, not much more than that. And it's story was ass... oh no... someone is sucking force out of old jedis graves ... don't use that massive force power to rule the galaxy!!! You aren't just pointing out problems, your being cynical and pessimistic for no good reason other than your arrogance. Even without your measily consumer status, many, many, many kotor fanboys will buy this game anyways and make them rich. Anyways, think what you want, I'm done.
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