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  1. Great update, I love everything about it! I can't wait to stroll through that hamlet. I loved the IWD voices, and didn't think they sounded too much alike. (Somehow, I did not get tired of "Three jumping paladins of Tyr... I'm done for") The HoW voices were a little alike, but they were so awesome I didn't care Don't hate on the pink demon gnolls!
  2. That was all I wanted to hear. Thanks! I really like this. It would make the experience alot more engaging for those who prefer fighters over spellcasters. If you find the time on your hands and decide to make a multiplayer mode, it'll also make sure that everyone can enjoy the game, instead of just twiddling their thumbs while the spellcasters decide on what spell to cast next
  3. Please make my characters mortal. While it was one of the frustrating things early on in BG and IWD, it was also one of those things that actually taught you how to play the game and utilize all of your characters' abilities, and in a way also made you bond with them. Having characters revive automatically after being burned to ashes (well...) by a dragon, really breaks immersion : \ While save games makes your characters immortal, having them not automatically revive after a conflict, means you actually have a struggle in you encounters, rather than a "last man standing" kind of g
  4. I personally feel that scaling should be done with consideration to how good a certain being can be expected to be. A dragon can be anything from a little puke to a great wyrm, but if it has a reputation for burning down villages, it most likely has some prowess. At the same time, a party of goblins can be expected to be vicious, but perhaps not dangerous to a party of adventurers that single-handedly killed the dragon above. Even if they have magical gear, the average level of a goblin should not be high, unless they've lived through some extreme experiences and actually come out on t
  5. On the doors, why not have them not block pathfinding, and instead trigger collision instead, which tells the game that the path is blocked by an door/iron bars/etc (and in turn displays a message to the player, perhaps with a ping att the collision point)? That way, your party can pathfind at least to the first obstacle in the way before stopping, and once you open the door, they can continue on their way. Since it would only apply to areas you've already explored (unless you skip fog of war/unknown terrain), you could add an option for characters automatically trying to pass obstacles (with
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