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  1. Romance in a game is good if it is done right. But I don't think the game will have much romance (if at all).
  2. I said: These mechanics will make healers and healing potions almost completely redundant as strategical elements. In other words, you probably wont even need a healer (a priest, whatever) or healing potions because the health system will be almost completely and solely tactical based with a self-regenerating health (stamina) bar. Understand now?
  3. I really had no problem with the missing in X-Com, I actually liked it because it improved the game by forcing you to make wiser tactical and strategical decisions. If you could not miss in the game, then it would have made many of the mechanics absolutely redundant... in other words, it would have dumbed the game down and made it way too easy. It is basically rather similar with a RTwP game like Baldur's Gate. You try to improve the stats of your chars so they don't miss or don't miss as often and you accomplish this by making wise strategical decisions. Btw, in Fallout you could miss too... and sometimes it hurt too. You had to make wise tactical and strategical decisions in order to reduce the chance of missing and improve your chance of surviving in case you did miss. I never heard anybody say that it was a bad mechanic. And I'm perplexed by Josh's comment.
  4. I know there will be no healing of the health bar (health bar 1) outside of resting. The stamina bar (health bar 2) in this game is actually nothing other than a regenerating health bar. These mechanics will make healers and healing potions redundant. And that is my argument. btw, I have read the entire thread and the updates. ^^
  5. Ok, so no reflex saving throws and no THAC0.... does that mean rogues and wizards all have to wear plate armor like your fighters or what?
  6. This dual-bar health system is an extremely weird concept (at least on paper)... I like the fact that you cannot rest everywhere in order to prevent sleep spamming. But it does seem rather strange to me to reduce the health system to being practically only a tactical mechanic and in turn almost completely removing all of the strategic elements of the health system used in the IE-Games and other RPGs. I guess this system could work, but the stamina health bar should not regenerate in order to not make health potions and a healer (strategic elements) almost completely redundant.
  7. Level scaling is a terrible mechanic and should never, ever be included in an RPG. An RPG is about character development (improving stats and equipment) in order to face tougher areas with tougher enemies. With level scaling a large portion of the character development is completely redundant. In Other words: If you go to an area too early, then you should be prepared for a really tough fight that you will only survive if your plans are tactically and strategically top-notch. Slight encounter scaling on the other hand is a good thing. It makes otherwise trivial battles still challenging in case your level is too high. The IE-Engine games only used encounter scaling (and very rarely too) and this is what I would expect from this game. I would be extremely dissapointed if this game used level scaling, that is not an homage to the IE-Engine games at all. It would be a large scaled mutilation of the mechanics that made the IE-Engine games great.
  8. I thought it was an interessting mechanic in the IE-Engine games. It was fun trying to improve your characters stats in order to improve your THAC0. It also gave you the feeling of becoming a powerful warrior to see your ability to hit the enemy rise. Kind of sad, that Sawyer wants to remove this. *sigh*
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