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  1. You didn't tried DAO mod, did you ? There's one wich is pretty well made maybe too well made... DA 2 tried to get inspired by but didn't do the same good job. Anyway, AI scripts is cool for trash mobs but they shouldn't let you auto battle elites or bosses fights. Thoses fights should require player action because of their complexity such is the case in Baldur's gate 1 and 2. No matter wich AI I tried, they can't help you in BG serie. The AI mod for DAO was so good that I could watch AI autobattle bosses, lol (no offense, after my 4th playthrough I enjoyed this mod to let me take a br
  2. Bioware is kinda alone on the market pc since they're the only one to make a rpg with a team+romance. No wonder, they're liked. Even Divinity Original, which has a geat gameplay and cool writing but it doesn't bring any deph to relationships or good RP elements. Unless Wasteland come in an give a good kick to Bioware writers saying : "look, you can do so much better if you do like me" or we will have to wait for POE to do it.
  3. Stop being selfish, otherwise Obsdian should only ship to english countries with your logic. A lot of backers aren't english but thanks to translations they were able to fall in love with Crpgs. Do NEVER forget that a lot of games were or are loved thanks to translations. If there were no translators, Dungeons and Dragons (pen and paper) would've never have been heard of if the books were not translated in Europe.
  4. World of Warccraft has one too Source : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/14001702
  5. That's a good thing, give players some options to disable some stuff they don't like in the "UI" is cool.
  6. Thing I disliked in the video was the portraits of NPC, not all of them were the same quality has the blond girl, wich was sad. Please hire more artists.
  7. Give us toolkit to make our own stuff (like the UI here). That work well with World of Warcraft.
  8. Maybe if Obsidian may release a tookit, fans could implement this feature. That's just an idea, a wish because I respect all of those people who gave their times for BG companions mods and wish the same passion for Pillars of Eternity to happen.
  9. Thank you, this article give some details about the setting of the beginning of the game.
  10. I think you're midustanding this because in IGN interview they said they coud be some platonic romances and I'm ok with that. I don't wish for any sex scene just a bond bewtween characters either it's friendship or love.
  11. Can't blame you since people usually spend like 10 hours just exploring the first town with any battles. I was able to go through it because I didn't noticed the time then when I reliazed I was like : "what in the world happened ? I didn't do much progress at all". I felt this during the whole game, thinking what is consuming so much my time in this game that even after arriving in the last map I didn't felt any accomplisement or satisifaction. After giving some though, I found out that I spend most of my time being consumed by walking and exploring containers (forced to do this because
  12. There're more than 3 choices, yiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! Come back here after the release of the game because there is no point to compare an intro video with a full game, imo.
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