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  1. Personally, when I baked this game, I was hoping that the producers weren't goinig to listen to bakers at 100%. I mean where is the fun in a game you already know? when I order to the devs "you have to do this and that" where i can find something thrilling in the game? I prefer to wait and see a game made by profesionals
  2. what i hope PE is: a quite big game, solid, with good story and lore, something new in the game concepts. The first step to an arc of games that can create a new epic saga like BG
  3. I don't know if this question is been already done but: ther will be a kind of crafting for spells and wands,ecc. ?
  4. I don't know if what I'm thinking is a trophy in the way of modern games, but i would like to have some trophies in my stronghold. I mean, after I cutted off the head of a 1000 yars old dragon I normally hang it on my fireplace. So I relly would like to make my place with the souvenirs of my journy
  5. Does someone have ever read "Flatland" by Abbot? From this: a door to a 2D dimension tring to escape
  6. Please, a "show all what's on the ground" button after a fight. Not always only after a fight and in the range of the characters.
  7. "Aki no kaze no bokuto" bokuto are the wooden swords used to train samurai or in this case monks This bokuto was carved from a wery thick wood, oiled and inbued of the souls of the master monks training the newbies. It's a sword, but it makes crush damage instead of slash damage. If wielded by a monk, he can canalize his "ki" in the sword making a range attack or double the damage in a close attack
  8. Maybe the simplest way to create a credible economy is to create merchants with a certain quantity of gold. I mean that the incredible thing is that every merchant have an endless number of gold to buy your objects. If a merchant have 100 gold that's all you can have selling your tools. After the merchant sell to others the goods you sold you can came agin and sell tools again. Of course there can be great merchants with 1000's of golds (sorry for my poor english)
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