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  1. Totems aren't enemies they are enviromental objects like barrels and that seems to be by design and not by bug, one of the main reason behind of that decision was probably just to ensure that AI doesn't make your party members to engage with totems instead of more threatening enemies or run towards totems, especially death totems (which curse aura gives characters injuries) when there isn't real enemies in present and preventing totems locking your party in combat when they are only things left standing. I don't think this was directed at me, but just in case, I'm responding I'm sure the way combat works with them is intended, but what I meant was that I think the curses are sticking to characters until rest because of it. It seems like they're supposed to be removed when combat ends, but since they're treated as environmental objects and don't fully start up combat, it seems like it causes their curses to stay after "combat" ends instead of falling off. If that makes sense.
  2. Saves are at the below link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzejtp9w1x73vv7/Bog%20Druid%20Saves.zip?dl=0 I don't have a save right before or during it. The autosave is my latest save. The HalloftheUnseen save is from a few days ago. In it, the druids should be dead, without having spoken to the Fleet Master. I've attached the output log, but I read this after starting the game (but not without closing it), so not sure if it's helpful output_log.txt
  3. I think this is a bug. Those curses come from the totems that you find in dungeons near certain enemies. They pulse the effect, but I THINK it's supposed to be cleared upon leaving combat. Doesn't seem to be the case all the time, though, especially if you re-engage in combat to destroy them. Those totems themselves are kind of weird... If you force attack them, your characters will get one attack off, then combat will break until you force attack it again.
  4. I went to the Bog outside Sayuka before getting the quest from the Fleet Master. I killed all the druids there. Next time I spoke with the Fleet Master, I had an option to say "The druids are dead" - she thanked me and sent me off on the coral quest. I completed that quest, returned to the Fleet Master. After I gave her the news on that quest, she told me of a druid problem in the bog. It didn't give me a quest. I checked the bog, they were still dead. Seems if you kill the druids, you can accept the reward, but you'll still get the dialogue that starts the quest later on.
  5. Encountered this tonight. If we don't open the door, is it okay the leave the quest until it's patched? I opened it, left to go rest up, and he flew through the ceiling haha So I just want to make sure there's a point in the questline I can stop without losing the ability to complete it. I don't really want to kill or free it completely; I'd like to strengthen the wards. Edit to add: I can post the save if it's helpful, but seems like you are already aware of the bug. I had Aloth at I think 5 metaphysics and Serafen at 7. Retrained Ydwin and got her to 10 metaphysics, Aloth still in tow, and still couldn't do it.
  6. I most definitely brokered a truce there on my second runthrough.How? You can convince Hylea to accept your decision to leave the dragon alive, but you can't actually talk the dragon into living semi-peacefully. She and her kids are still a massive danger to all kith in the vicinity and the temple stays unusable. Not that I complain, I mean it's a dragon, I can't blame her for not caring what pesky little humans want of her. Just to interject here: According to the Wiki (spoilers on the page), mature dragons do not seek unecessary conflict, so it's possible they could live in relative peace, as long as the dang humans leave them alone After all, she didn't attack us on sight, so she's not some total murderer
  7. The companions being well developed is not true. They have so little screen time and that screen time is used to give exposition and play therapist. And they are "used to tell the story of the watcher"? What does that mean? What "story" would that even be? Thaos and co.? The companions have *nothing* to do with *anything* related to the PC or the main plot, so I don't know what you mean. I dunno, to me it sounds like the companions didn't jump out at you and don't seem important to you, so you are saying it is a fact. I found the companions to be well-written, developed, and connected to the story. It's fine that we have different interpretations, but I sort of feel like you aren't willing to accept an alternate interpretation. Sorry to be rude, but that is how I am reading some of your posts.
  8. Pallegina. Had her with me when completing Nest Above the Clouds. I already liked her, but her exchange with Hylea won her a forever place in my heart.
  9. I think it's kind of interesting that some people are finding the characters to be disconnected from the story. I thought SOME of them were, but Eder, Kana, and Pallegina all seemed pretty well woven into it to me. Durance, as well, though I dumped him because I didn't like his attitude, so I don't know if that was still the case through the end. Some of the others seemed like they had a good enough reason to stick around, like Aloth and Grieving Mother.
  10. I was able to let the dragon to stay and still got Hylea's blessing, so it's totally possible. One of the two followers at her ruined temple wasn't too crazy about it, but the other dug it.
  11. Can't wait! Backed this immediately upon discovering it and have been eagerly waiting for some time. Can't believe it's almost here!
  12. Personally, I think we need a really wacky god, someone like Dionysus and not just as some ancillary god. A prominent one.
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