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  1. 56 minutes ago, Gorth said:

    Actually, there is iirc. There is a slider for boob size for females and "endowment" (I think that was the word used) for male characters. You need to tick the "nudity" flag though. Neither comes with any jiggly or dangly physics built in.


    52 minutes ago, Keyrock said:

    I was assuming Gfted1 was asking if there was a buttocks size slider, as "junk in the trunk" was a popular term in the 2000s for a large ass.

    As for jiggle, again, there are mods for that.

    Just pointing out that bits do actually jiggle/dangle by default, though the defaults for the fairer sex are rather subtle, as far as games are concerned anyway (no breasts flopping about from a stiff breeze).

    Though "the trunk" doesn't "move", afaik.

  2. Larian has never done a RTwP game before, right? So yeah, that's a worry right there.

    That and, well, BG3, after all this time it's just bound to disappoint, no matter who makes it. As bummed as I am about that cliffhanger Valve probably has the right idea with HL3.

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  3. Lara's first tomb

    For the glory of Set!

    That was one badly timed sandstorm, had to scramble to get the mask on without getting chomped to death...

    Still working on Murloc Castle... (that's also about the furthest I can go away before draw distance starts kicking in)

    Reducing their HP doesn't necessarily make bosses any less nasty, one mistake too many and, well, let's just say that's not an NPC corpse there...

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  4. 20 hours ago, Keyrock said:

    My next goal in Conan Exiles is to hit lev 50, since it's a fairly significant power spike. At lev 50 I unlock feats that allow me to craft Stygian soldier armor, craft a stone throne, upgrade my Shrines of Set to tier 3, and I'm pretty sure I can start unlocking advanced crafting stations at lev 50. To that end, I've been doing a lot of exploring, since discovering new places gives good XP. I have pretty much the entirety of the highlands mapped out now and I already had most of the desert and jungle mapped out earlier, so that mainly leaves the snow area and the volcano. Before I venture into those areas, though, I'm going to return to the desert and run The Dregs dungeon to slay the Abyssal Remnant boss. I think at lev 50 I should be thoroughly capable of soloing it (likely overpowered a bit). So far I've killed 2 dungeon bosses, the Giant Crocodile (twice) and the Sand Reaper Hive Queen, and over half a dozen world bosses.

    Heh, I imagined you hit 60 a while ago :o

    I've now started revisiting some prior bosses, so far I've killed the cave croc and the huge croc world boss I spotted near a lake when I was "little" (had a chest near it that just told me I was too low level. Boo!). I also started exploring the Unnamed City (since it's right next door) where I killed a bunch of human (mini)bosses (assuming they are bosses since I couldn't turn them into Thralls) and a miniboss skeleton (has a skull on his hp bar, and since he's in my way on the way in and pretty easy to beat he does get beaten on regularly). I also ran into Mr Ghost and am now collecting Demon Blood, lots of it, as I imagine you are too...

    I also got curious about the starting area, so I took a good long hike through the desert, turns out there's a bunch of similar starting areas, not sure if the one you get in single player is fixed or if it can vary. I also only now figured out there was an obelisk there that provides an introduction to the player's predicament. After finding that one I found a bunch more, of course...

    After talking to Mr Ghost I also went back and explored the Arena further, managed to "sneak" to the center of it and...well, after barely making it there I noped the hell out of there...

    I should note I installed a mod that scales down the rather ridiculous boss HP (at least, it's ridiculous for single player), and HP only, damage, armour etc should be untouched, as either cheesing it with arrows or doing the dodge-stab-dance for an hour weren't particularly appealing to me.

  5. 8 hours ago, Keyrock said:

    Work on my tower is complete, the outer shell, anyway:


    I also built a platform where I put a Shrine of Set. It's reachable with a horizontal elevator:


    The elevator doesn't line up perfectly on the shrine side, but it's pretty dang close and it works. You sort of have to guess on the placement a bit on one of the 2 sides of the elevator, so it's very hard to get it perfect.

    Here's the whole complex from below:


    I had to make a bunch of design compromises along the way because structural integrity is a thing in this game and I was definitely pushing the limits. I originally planned to have the horizontal elevator go directly from the fortress to the shrine platform, but I couldn't build the shrine platform out from the cliff face far enough to make the elevator line up, so I made a little walkway that goes around the waterfall.

    Next up I'll build a proper crafting area and thrall housing on top of the cliff, then I'll add a wall around the perimeter, but that can wait for now. The thralls can live in the fortress and tower for the time being. I'm itching to do some adventuring before I resume construction.

    That's quite the impressive construction! Love the waterfall, need to get me my own waterfall now, dang it! I imagine structural integrity must have been a pain, especially for the lower part that hangs from the cliff. I can't really build that way since I have The Purge on, and when they can't get to your base normally they will just spawn inside, which I'd rather avoid... ;)

    And I recognize the location now, one my of picked building spots was actually on those cliffs you built against, near that broken statue a tad to the west, it has some bridges over cliffs on the north side that seemed promising to build a castle against, with a great view from the side you built against. Kinda curious as to the view from your tower now :)

  6. I've been doing a lot of building. I don't seem to have any screenshots from the really early start, but I basically started by choosing a good foundation spot and then mocking things up with sandstone until it "clicked" in my head.

    Initially I wanted to stick to building against the pillar, unfortunately a bunch of items (like the Wheel of Pain) are a tad large to fit in a hanging room (at least, without making it look horrible), so I ended up building a giant hall at the foot of the cliff with a bunch of watchtowers. I also built a staircase to the top, just to see if what I wanted to do was even possible and there was no hidden ceiling or some no-build area or some such.

    Here the front of the great hall with the gate and three watchtowers is done, I also replaced the initial structure I had built on the pillar with the final version (the building on the right), it's now the kitchen.

    This is a nice view of the finished roof of the great hall. I'm pretty dang proud of that roof, and it was quite the pain to get right. At one point 4 different roofs had to "merge", combined with integrity constraints it was...interesting and I had to make some compromises (which you can't really see from the outside, especially now that I added more stuff)

    View when you throw open the main doors:440900_20190523021337_1.png

    Bunch of newly broken thralls reporting for duty. Crafting stations are mostly just tossed in until they can go to their final locations.

    Quick city trip:

    Nope, nope, nope!

    Got attacked by another purge, was going fine until this bastard showed up and murdered all my fighter Thralls, wasn't planning on losing my base to this bs so I godmoded him, couldn't even kill him in time before he ran off. This guy was so ridiculously out of line with anything else that spawned before it wasn't even funny (it really wasn't). And this was probably "only" a T4 purge (which is the maximum, by default), I don't want to know what they throw at you on higher levels (20 of these guys?)

    So yeah, turned the maximum level of The Purge down to 2 after that little fiasco...

    Back to building, aka current status.

    From the 4 corners + top down with a bonus shot of kitchen:







    Inside of the kitchen:

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    18 hours ago, Wormerine said:

    While we are at Epic, the Epic Store Sale is an interesting topic.

    What initially might seems like a swing into the other direction: attempting this time to bribe consumers into coming to Epic, instead of paying off devs/publishers, might have somewhat backfired, I saw somewhat, because I don't know what exact intentions were - I imagine the deals are good enough to get new people into the Epic Store (success!) but they might have pissed off publishers/developers (not good!).

    Here is the short version: Epic store has currently discount on every game they sell: old, new, pre-orders. If the game costs more than 13,99 pounds (UK prices from me) they decrese it by 10 pounds. Some results are crazy - just announced indie John Wick game can be purchased for 4,39 (less than a 1/3 of its price), all ports of David Cage's older, ekhm, games can be bought for 5.99. 

    How did Epic convinced game owners to do such drastic price cut before games are even out. Well, they didn't. They didn't ask for their permission, and didn't actually lower the cost for them. Epic is covering the missing discount and paying devs the full share.

    All good then? Win, win? Not quite aparently. Game owners don't seem to be happy with their game getting devalued, often before they even launch. There was some brief attempt from Supergiant to raise price of Hades earlier then they planned, the big boyz Borderlands3 and Bloodlines got temporarly pulled from the shop for the duration of the sale.

    Fun times.

    So they would be charging "unrealistically low prices to drive out a competitor"? Hmm.

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  8. Game can look really pretty

    't Is but a scratch!

    I've been exploring, looking for a new location to settle more north since the enemies near my initial location (barring bosses) have become a tad too easy. Ran into some nice looking locations on my hikes.

    Cave full of crystal, with a definitely not ominous looking room at the bottom

    Unnamed City, early morning (iirc)

    Think I found a good building spot, close to the center of the map, very close to massive amounts of iron and coal and not surrounded by really tough enemies (like the rhinos and tigers a little bit further north). Planning to build a fortress all along that pillar. Going to try using T3 mostly (due to it having to withstand the Purge) but the initial scaffolding and stuff is in sandstone for now.
    In case you're wondering about the bare feet/hands/head: a bunch of my gear broke on the trip.

    I also found a really nice spot (at least as far as the view is concerned) north of "the wall" up on a cliff (basically behind the huge statues in the northern tiger area) that I might end up building at once I'm strong enough to explore around there a bit more so I can figure out whether there's any crafting materials or whether it'll be a pain to actually live there.

    Oh, and I've found a bunch of journals, mostly written by random Exiles, but


    also some that appear to be from woman in the trailer (I found #1 and #3 so far)

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  9. Well, the first Purge in Conan Exiles finally triggered, wasn't quite so bad. But I might have over-prepared a tad...


    It was a Darfari Purge. I had a hole hit in two of my sandstone walls, none of the higher tier things got damaged at all. Mobs appear to focus on destroying your buildings rather than trying to kill you. I also discovered that archer aggro range is rather hit and miss and that their range isn't really great.

    Two named enemies spawned, one was a priest (not sure what religion, he got killed by my guards before I got there), the other was a fighter. The rest were T1/2 mooks and flamingos.

    I mostly got loads of hides (gotta skin all them cannibals), some low-tier armour and materials and a lot of hearts to offer to Seth

    So after that I did some research on Purges:

    • the level of the Purge is determined by the cap set in server settings (default is 4) and the area you reside in, spots south of Newbie River are capped at T2 (hence why my purge was so "weak", I imagine).
    • location to be purged is chosen randomly from settlements on the server, anything having "foundations" is fair game for a purge (yes, that includes that 4x4 hut with a single chest you built somewhere.
    • there are limits on what they can damage, I don't remember the details but basically if I built my base using only T2 stuff the Purge would not be able to do damage given the spot I am in.
    • the Purge spawns unique NPCs and some (arch?) priests are supposedly only obtainable through a Purge, the same goes for some recipes.

    My main concern at this point is what'd happen to "older" settlements in case I choose to expand, though in this spot I'm quite confident the NPCs can take care of it at this point.

    I'll probably have to redesign my beach facing cliff town to be a bit easier to defend given how the archers there were rather ineffective.

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  10. Haha, my dancers still wear slightly more ;)

    On the topic of clothing, it's funny how many of the Thralls you capture will suddenly have more, or different clothing, than you captured them with, and I don't recall handing out clothing.

    Love these ghosts that point you to certain caves:

    Also cleared out my first cave (not the one from the ghost, that was croc-cave, which I haven't messed with too much), this one had a whole slew of humans, many of which T2, T3 and a priest of Mitra (which I have no use for, so I just ripped out his heart)
    Annoyingly enemies already started respawning just when I got to the end, so getting out was a pain.

    I also finally unlocked the big gate building piece, which turned out to be a tad larger than I had anticiped, so I had to redesign my main gate. If you thought my base couldn't look any more megalomaniac, well...

    I captured a named figher as well, Ennika of Cimmeria, I have the slight impression this is a pretty high tier Thrall since breaking her has been going on for forever with barely any progress (I still use the first Wheel of Pain...). I also built a second Wheel of Pain so I don't have to pass up on any interesting Thralls when I'm on harvesting runs.

    Other than that I've mostly been Thrall hunting and fortification building, the Purge meter is getting real close to the marker now.

    Btw, for Keyrock on the naked foraging topic (mechanics spoilers inside):


    A full set of the "regular" light armour adds 5 to encumbrance, meaning you can carry more with it on than when you are naked, so that's what I've been sporting on my non-combat expeditions (though I usually end up clearing out a camp or capturing a Thrall either way...).

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  11. 24 minutes ago, Keyrock said:

    There is a lot the game doesn't tell you but I won't give you any tips or hints unless you specifically ask. I also am playing solo on what is basically normal difficulty. The 2 changes I made was disabling The Purge and disabling dropping loot on death. So, I'm basically playing this like a single-player RPG, rather than a multi-player survival game. I like that the game gives you tons of options on tweaking the difficulty, if you so desire. I didn't change anything about enemy damage or HP, so bosses are really tough, since they were designed with a party of several players in mind... Or they would be if I didn't have snake arrows. :banana:


    Ahh, and here I was about to ask about The Purge, since the meter's almost at the first marker for me (my megalomaniac building tendencies might have something to do with that...)

    So yeah, now that I have some thralls, some decent armour and have sacrificed countless unbelievers (probably some believers as well, they should feel honoured) I felt powerful enough to do away with subtlety...

    I built a massive mess-hall/throne room next to my temple and added guard towers and a gate (I've since added stairs to the entryway):

    I like to think the view from the terrace isn't half bad:

    The area with the campfire at the bottom of the cliff is where I got killed the first time:

    View on my base from the humble cliffside housing I started off with:

    I've been exploring, mostly east, trying to find some good Thralls (archers to man my walls or craftsmen, mostly, especially looking for an armourer), but I ran into this sleeping...thing, and noped the hell outta there...
    I also ran into a boss croc (which promptly murdered the hell out of me) and a boss hyena (which I promptly ran away from) and I killed a boss turtle-thing by kiting it to my walls where my archers did their thing (need to figure out a way to keep mobs from getting right up to my walls, because that seems to confuse the AI)

    I also switched to medium armour for combat situations, still using the light for resource runs though.

    EDIT fwiw I play on normal and the only changes I made (so far) were halving crafting resource requirements and halving the time it takes to "break" Thralls. Interested to see what The Purge will bring...

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  12. 9 hours ago, Keyrock said:

    I'm waiting to finish breaking my tier 4 armorer thrall, Orqina Steeltongue in the wheel of pain, but it takes FOREVER to break a tier 4. I don't really want to venture out too deep into the unknown until she's broken and makes some Flawless Hykarian Raider Armor for me, so I've been passing the time sprucing up my throne room. I now have the entire floor of the throne room covered with hide rugs. I have beds and benches set up, and I've made 10 pillows so far that I've scattered about the floor and beds. I want to make 30 or 40 more pillows and put them all over the throne room so that everyone can be nice and comfy when debauchery is taking place, but I'm out of silk, so I'm going to make a short trek to spider country to farm up some gossamer. By the time I finish farming gossamer, turning it into silk, turning the silk + feathers (I have plenty of those, there are birds all over the island which I turned into my base) into pillows, and tossing said pillows all over my throne room Orqina should be broken and ready to start producing high quality armor for me. 

    Honestly I've doubled the speed at which Thralls break (I was just twiddling my thumbs waiting for it at some point, looked up the numbers and was like..."Errr, really? 8 hours of real time for a T4 Thrall?!") and halved material costs. Felt fair to me since the game is balanced around multiplayer (and mining rocks got kinda RSI-inducing, not even kidding). I considered halving XP gain too, but it's not as if I've been zooming through the levels so left that alone for now.

    I managed to acquire a bunch of Thralls now: 2 warriors, an archer, a cook and I'm breaking a Tier 2 Blacksmith now.

    First warrior was just an experiment I did to figure out how the mechanic worked before I attempted the second one which was the warrior that caused my first death (Holding grudges? Me?! Pffff!), the Archer I figured would be useful to man the walls. After those three I started actively looking for profession thralls, (warriors now end up with their hearts sacrificed to Seth and their hides turned into armour, for now), so first one I came across was the cook, then I got jumped by a couple, the husband was a warrior and ended on the altar, the wife was a Tier 2 Blacksmith and is enjoying the Wheel of Pain now ;)

    Personally I've been dying a lot lately, it seems that as soon as I start bleeding I may as well prepare for a corpse run, nothing I've found appears to stop the effect and since taking damage cancels heals I can't even spam food, so RIP. Fighting someone with daggers means I need to do it close enough so I can get back in time from the corpse run to rip out their heart, flay them and nab the loot.

  13. 15 hours ago, Keyrock said:

    A fellow Setite. You chose wisely. 

    I don't know exactly where along the river your location is, but you'll probably need to make a decent trek to get ironstone, which is why I built my base on an island in the jungle area very close to plentiful iron. Still, you have plentiful water, wood, and animals for meat, plus you are probably not that far from a certain cave that contains a bunch of crocs and a giant croc boss, but, more importantly, lots of brimstone. Plus, there are spiders not that far from you for chitin and gossamer. What I'm saying is that it's a perfectly cromulent location for your first settlement.

    I might have meta-gamed the deity choice a bit (I assumed it was a permanent choice, it doesn't appear to be so though). Given how my main source of hides  has been humans (hehe) Yog might have been a reasonable pick as well ;)

    I'm pretty much directly opposite of that cave (assuming it's the one with the ghost lady running into it, got ambushed by two crocs bit further down so I heroically ran away), at the other side of the river. Iron has indeed been a pretty big pain to acquire but moving next to all the spiders isn't really appealing either. Need to get me some better weapons so I can just swat them and move around that area more freely. Or try to build a bridge so I can do away with the swimming across bit.

    9 hours ago, Keyrock said:


    I did not fight that giant spider. I highly doubt I'm ready for that. I did, however, wait patiently until it wandered away, then I snuck into its lair and swiped a bunch of gossamer.

    Ah yes, I ran into a huge spider while I was trekking through the mountains, I decided to nope the hell out as well. Found a mega-croc next to a lake more to the west as well (left that one alone too, I'm such a hero ;)).

    So far everyone I've encountered has been hostile, so kinda avoiding humans until I can get some Thralls set up and some better weapons crafted (still using the stone stuff)

    Managed to craft me some Khitan light armor though:

    Went with light because I've been pretty good at getting into fights that are too tough and being able to run has saved my hide quite a few times already ;)

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  14. Built my first house under a rock overhang I started out camping under:

    Figured easier access to the water below would be neat, so started building stairs, ended up building a bunch of houses in the cliff wall

    The gods need a proper temple (actually underestimated how much space those shrines required so stuff ended a bit bigger than initially planned...)

    Temple and initial house seen from up top (the cliff wall is behind the house

    Not sure how the location is from a gameplay point of view (mostly spent my time building ;)) but irl it would have been a nice hidden location (if we disregard the temple, hehe) since the cliff housing is hidden except when you look straight at it and the same goes for the initial house.

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  15. 5 hours ago, Hawke64 said:

    I don't care about children, but developing games around microtransactions seems wrong (haven't played Warframe). Middle-earth: Shadow of War proved that loot boxes affect design and balance, so whatever forces publishers to focus on quality of their products (or artworks, if games are considered art), instead of MT, has to be good.

    Well, Warframe doesn't have lootboxes, although they did nerf XP gain some years ago, likely so they could keep booster sales up. Still, they just make stuff go faster and only affect XP and resources (not blueprints or anything else "desirable") so they're still mostly a skip-the-grind type of deal.

    That said, they do have randomly generated "mods" (basically stat-cards that you put on your gear) that are tradeable (sounds akin to Diablo 3's auction house, which I had no first hand experience with). They're gated behind multiple levels of randomness so getting a desirable one generally means trading with other players, which means acquiring and spending premium currency (which at some point obviously needs to be bought with real money, even if you get it by trading with others). Many players opposed them and the game is perfectly fine without them (so far), I expect that, should that even change many veterans will pack up and leave.

    They also charge stupendous amounts for user-created skins (Tennogen), I mean, 5-6 euros for a skin really no longer is a micro-transaction in my book. Still, you can just ignore those exist.

  16. 6 hours ago, the_dog_days said:

    You tryin' to make melkathi relapse?

    ...I wouldn't dare! o:)

    But the screenshot threads have been missing a certain something lately... ;)

    1 hour ago, melkathi said:

    I have been clean since the tenth of March this year!

    I too can quit whenever I choose!

  17. I've been collecting me some Wyrdstone...

    Gotta man up and finally get through that Sisters of Sigmar campaign (yups, still, my middle name might be "procrastination", maybe. I'll check, later.), but easing into it as I'm a wee bit rusty and I'd rather not wipe out my Warband at this point.

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  18. 5 hours ago, Keyrock said:

    While my own house isn't 100% finished in Conan Exiles, it's at a point where it's functional and a comfortable enough place for me to sleep, hence I've moved on to other, more pressing, building projects for now. I put my Shrine of Set way up on the top of a cliff so that it can be seen from far away and anyone that gets anywhere near my base immediately knows that's what's up, but it's unreachable without climbing, so I'm in the process of building a grand staircase so that the faithful may worship and sacrifice human hearts to the Old Serpent easily. After that I'm going to pave a plaza for all my crafting stations (currently they're just directly on the ground, haphazardly arranged in a vague L shape), then I'm going to build a home for my thralls. It's not going to be as grand as my own house, obviously, but I wanna make it a decent enough place for them to live, give all of them their own room (rather than just a bunch of beds is a single room, like a barracks), and a place to eat and relax and stuff. I feel I'm a pretty good mistress. Sure, after I knock people out in the wild I rope em up and drag their unconscious bodies back to my base, then put them in the Wheel of Pain for as long as it takes to break their spirit and mind. After that, though, provided they do their jobs properly and always "Yes mistress", "Of course mistress", "As you desire, mistress" when addressing me, they get to live in relative safety, have plentiful food, a roof over their heads, and are invited to all my wild parties and orgies. The vast majority would have probably just been killed out in the wild anyway, so all in all, they lucked out.  

    Making a note to figure out where Keyrock lives so I can plan my walking trips around that knowledge, literally ;)


    Still playing Destiny 2 (with some Skyrim on the side), turns out the mission I thought was the end of the campaign (killed the "big bad" and all), well, wasn't. Unlocked an entirely new area now that I can explore, yay!

    On that note, I kinda like Destiny's setting (or at least the more grounded bits), this "post golden-age apocalypse" kinda does it for me, the combination of technology and archaeology is awesome when combined with the atmosphere, the feeling of nostalgia for what used to be, the lingering dreams of the inhabitants as to what could have been...

    A game in such a setting that allows us to just dig through stuff and uncover the stories of the places would be mint. I mean rather than deal with space magic and shoot bad guys I'd prefer to just stay on Titan and dig through the ruins of the floating cities, or the labs on Mars, or whatever is left of Earth...

    I'll accept that I'm just weird though, but a man can dream...

  19. Finished up Destiny 2's Forsaken campaign, was good fun.

    Unfortunately the game's servers (or the game's networking code) appear to be terrible, disconnects are rampant and usually happen when the game tries to save state (iow it's not related to the P2P nature of matchmaking), like loot or mission progress. Having to redo 2 out of the 8 barons (which are solo things, so P2P doesn't even factor in) because the game bailed after beating the boss was...not enjoyable.

    Other than that trying to get better so I can keep up and contribute a bit more meaningfully in the Verdant Forest, unfortunately that event ends soon.

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