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  1. Description: During character creation, the game does not load the correct description for the Bear companion. In the description box to the right when selecting animal companions, the upper part typically loads a description of what that specific animal companion is good at (Lion can roar, Wolf does high damage, etc.), but the Bear only shows the description for the last other animal companion that you selected, or none at all. That is, if you had Antelope selected and then change selection to the Bear, the title will change to "Bear Companion" but the description will still say "Antelop
  2. Voted option #2. I have no desire to collect unopened versions myself, but for those who do and for those who may get issues with customs, it seems the logical option. Some form of option where backers could make the choice in the backer portal would be nice, though.
  3. I see that now... I just had forgotten about the exact terms (It's been almost 2 years, after all!) and got excited about the possibility of finally playing around with an early version of the game. Hey, you can have my beta key if you want. I don't have time to play it right now, anyway, so I can wait until the full game arrives in the box PM coming your way right about now.
  4. I think it would be better to save additional areas, companions etc. for an expansion. Just make it a crazy good expansion
  5. Has your DM ever implemented things like in the early Might and Magic games, where a number of monsters are completely immune to melee attacks from either male or female characters? That was interesting to run across, imo.
  6. Excellent answer on the inspiration question. Can't beat nature on that. Also, now I'll be imagining that you're in a dark corner somewhere if I hear any strange little noises in any P:E dungeons. Better bring some extra torches along. Are you one of those typical pundits, eh? Woah, that Asian Architecture looks great! Overall, good update
  7. Impressive. This looks really, really good, and there was some nice music/sound in the video, as well. Good job!
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