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  1. Yeah, I kind a realize that it has been stupid of me to wait this long. Oh well, the worst thing that can happen at this point is that I won't get the postcard anyway. Will contact them to see if there is something they can do. If not then that is that.
  2. Which is exactly why I said "on eternity.obsidian.net" since that part of the account leads directly to the backers portal and I was referring to that I couldn't change addresses there :/ In fact I can't change the name, nor add in my real name or really anything at all there. That is why I am asking. Since I don't seem to be able to edit anything there.
  3. Awesome that you have managed to fix all of this so quickly. I have been enjoying the available beta a lot and I am seriously looking forwards the final game. One thing I am wondering though. I am in the 165$ digital tier backer and from what I have read from the original kickstarter page the only actual physical thing I would get would be a postcard... What I am wondering is how you are going to go about doing that without me being able to give up/set my address on the eternity.obsidian.net account? I might have given my address in one of the mails I sent you when a problem came up regarding the paypal account, but I do not remember it clearly at this time. I just wanted to check whether there was any problem regarding that (since my "addresses" tab on the page is empty at the moment... and I don't seem to be able to change it. And I haven't been able to since I made this account). This might be the wrong place to ask, and if so, then I will just remove this comment and move it to its proper thread. Thank you and have a nice day, Elmithian
  4. That does explain it to me, but I am sure that a lot of people that buy this game are folk that are used to setups like in D&D and such and thus without any explanation they may get confused. That is why this is a problem, since the character creation should be quite clear on what does what. I think just putting in the percentage for the stats (like you get when you look at the stats in-game) may make that much easier to understand.
  5. Option Bug: When going into the option menu and choosing for example, graphics, the text to the left that describes what option you currently are in, disappears (though the window the text was in remains). This is relatively minor as this does not affect the options nor prevents you from choosing the empty windows and going to different options. (there is no step to step to this other than I started the game, clicked the options, chose graphics and the windows to the left became empty) Might and dexterity (+classes) Problem: I have encountered the problem when starting the game first that I was unusually unsure which I should choose, Might or Dexterity. I was building an Godlike Paladin. The problem was, that according to each background the Paladin would get a different weapon (and starting gear), but there was no mention of which the weapon focused more on, Might or Dexterity. All it said was that they used accuracy which I guessed meant that they relied more on Dexterity, but that was in no way clear, especially since it seemed like all weapons were relying on accuracy and Might was just for slightly extra damage. Suggestion: Make the difference between those clear in the character creation. I noticed that when I started the game I saw percentage that indicated what I gained from each stat, but before that I had no idea of the actual value of each stat (except only a rough idea). I suggest that you change the text a bit to tell what specific weapon type rely more on, Might or Dex and also that this percentage can be seen in the character creation since that will make creating a character to your liking a lot easier. Note: I have not played much of the game so far so I have not been able to test out the combat so maybe the weapons do not inherently rely more/only on one of those stats but due to being used to that type of setup I inherently expected it to work in such a way. There must be some way to make that part of character creation intuitive enough so new players realize how it works. Regards, Elm
  6. See!? Even Cthulhu is getting excited! And you don't want to disappoint him do you?
  7. I couldn't agree more with ye folk. It is really difficult to wait. For the beta to be released. :D
  8. Sadly I am missing it too, but my pledge isn't getting through at the moment either. But that is most likely just caused by way to many people trying to finish their pledge. Not sure what V.I.P badge I have though (I think silver) Edit. nvm about the pledge. It just worked right this moment
  9. Tried clearing my browsing history... so many password got lost... even though I did make sure that that my password wouldn't be lost when I cleared all my browsing data
  10. Dang... this thread is moving faster than I can read it. And I read goddamn fast! I am also suffering from the inability of finishing my pledge. I am also partly posting this to check whether my backer badge won't appear though. Edit: It hasn't
  11. until the game is out i don't really see the hurry though It is called being hyped up for something And currently I am quite hyped for this (looking forward the early beta access )
  12. Well, lets just pray that this will work tomorrow, have been trying non-stop for the last hour with all the browsers... gonna take up my laptop and try that out now. (NAT type shouldn't be affecting this should it?) Edit: Well it doesn't seem to be related to what system you are using at least (tried mac, xp, windows 7 and W8)
  13. I am replying to this update because I [insert pointless nagging] and that I am interested in how the backers update is processing. I do have some suggestions like [insert pointless vague suggestions that have no value whatsoever] though I honestly feel that you should just trust you with this and keep my mouth closed. But I hope my suggestions were long enough and vague enough to slow down that progress a little bit. Oh and if you can actually read what my suggestions actually are then let me tell you one thing... only liars can see my suggestions... I have no idea why I even made this comment other than to have it as a starting point for me on the forums... oh and also just to make an weak attempt at being witty for people's amusement. Ps. I also intended to thank you for the assistance (and to congratulate you)... when was it? Just couple a months ago? It was regarding the paypall stuff. I decided that I wouldn't give you my thanks through that email as it was meant for customer support, not day to day communications. So... yah. Thanks for the assistance with that paypal confusion and congratulation on becoming a father! I know this is rather late but better later than never I think.
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