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  1. I find keeping the wizard atleas 2 squares back behind the frontline effective (press F to open and customise your party formation). I mostly wait for enemies to come to me and if they try to round my front line I peel off one of them to go and get agro from them by attacking them before they get there. If your finding it really hard, like teleporter mobs instantly getting to your back line, just get used to casting mage armour, its amazing, also consider getting a decent shield and sword for your 2nd weapon set so if push comes to shove, you can defend yourself long enough to then swap back a
  2. That's why there's an expert mode bro, tick that box, play that mode and then see if you have the same opinion GG POE
  3. Ive played now for about 43 hours since release date (over 3 days) having worked 1 of those days too. Im currently level 6, going to all areas, making notes of things I cant do yet, killing ALL the things I find and as many quests as I can.......so level 4 is amazingly fast in comparison, however, what loots or storey texts have you missed? hmmmm? :D Oh and I haven't done Defiance Bay at all yet, I've completed literally everything before that and Dyrford to about 90% (not completed all yet). The bay is next on my list...OR IS IT! :D Amazing game ^^ GG POE
  4. I have mine all set from when I backed Path of Exile, also started playing last night and from purposefully ignoring everything about the game since kickstarter started....... Needless to say I am in complete awe of the game........started on hard, spent 6 hours and only just got to Vail town having killed everything but the bears.....after which it was 2am and feeling as if I had only played for 10 mins. Thankyou so much Obsidian and all peeps who helped make this game happen
  5. Thanks to all the peeps at Obsidian and all the peeps following and supporting them. You have made my Christmas and new years ^^ GG POE
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApvLgliq_lY Listen and wait......for time shall pass......as will pain, pleasure and all things. For where there is a beginning there is a new beginning
  7. I'm sorry but there is no excuse for this, there are many things that even I can take but know that this is not one of them, know that everything including time, space, philosophy shall judge you and find you utterly guilty, subject to such punishment only ever dreamed of by creation itself....you get no such forgiveness from me to say the least.......
  8. Is considering not downloading the Beta to play and just waiting for release......all of a sudden my inate hand slaps me in the face and pokes me in the eye, then points to the forums.......looks like my sanity has been restored. Funny what waiting makes you think of
  9. Then I shall have an extra 2 hours to play! In the meantime let me start a new replay of Wasteland 2 and try not to get my whole team infected with Acute Pod Disease. Must, save, the towns in Wasteland 2......twill be a hard task a no I don't make multiple saves...just an ocd I have
  10. Its the 18th in the UK, took the 1/2 day and am waiting on tender-hooks...................PLEASE OBSIDIAN PLEASE!!!
  11. Excellent news! Will download Wasteland 2 tonight and the aptly stop as of the 18th. GG POE!
  12. Excellent news and REALLY excited!!! FINALLY THE TIME IS NYE!!!!!
  13. I would like to offer my voice acting prowess, I am always being told that I should do voice acting, according to very many people its a very unique voice that people very easily recognise as me. Very often, with years between interaction, I am recognised. The best way I could describe myself (in others words) is in between Jean Luke Picard and Orson Wells in tone and speaking style, aka distinctly British. I do not have the equipment as such but hopefully the Obsidian peeps have good enough tech to be able to polish and tweek. Ofcorse this would be for free and I would be more tha
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