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  1. Thanks all, I've done most of what was suggested. Mostly I solved my problem by sticking him in full plate and a shield. I'm going to try the flame thing though.
  2. Several times now I have almost dropped all wizards from my party as all mobs appear to agro on them without any action on their part. I no longer cast at all with Aloth until the fight is essentially over as chasing the mobs who are trampling their fellows to get at Aloth is tiresome. Fortunately he is usually safely unconscious early on and normal combat sensibilities are restored. I do worry about his health though, the repeated blows to the head can't be any better for him than it is for pro football players. No other casters seem to generate this sort of reaction, either. I can chain cast
  3. I don't hate multiplayer, but I'm losing faith that it can be done without diluting the single player experience.
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