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  1. I hope for a deep influence/renown-system, though I want the technical side of it to mostly work behind the scenes. I need no numbers, just a general evaluation in a few fitting sentences to work with. In a way, all of the things the OP mentioned should be included in the system and more, yet not all should be governed by one and the same metric. Take revenge for example: If I cause an NPC to seek revenge, maybe by harming friends and family or ruining his career, then I certainly want to deal with this situation in a special encounter or story arc, that allows to address the issue, maybe even find different solutions including making it up to the NPC. What I don't want is simple mathematics: I kill his sister, causing him to seek revenge, then go and safe three princesses from dragons, causing him to admire me for it and everything is fine again.
  2. Personally I like it when you can do a little multiple choice story along with the character creation process that detemines your starting gear. The options availiable would fit your choosen class while still giving you a bit room to be different from just any other player. Sometimes these selections can really provide some more background story for your protagonist, too.
  3. Greetings everyone! I know that some of the developers already promised us a great deal of reactivity among our companions and I am really looking forward to see Obsidian delivering on these promises. But with my history of RPGs played I think I know what DreamDancer is after. Even games that provided some reactivity among party members and main story quests often had those awkward moments: You meet a certain NPC of a particular interesting race or faction and among the dialogue the game tries to teach the player a bit about the world and lore, like what the race, class etc. is all about. This can be nice, but only if it doesn't break the immersion. Most of these dialogues go about like the player character suddenly is a human commoner (or something in that spirit). It really gets ugly when NPC-dwarves start telling your dwarven hero what it means to be a dwarf or hearing your priest asking with utter fascination about the god he/she was supposed to worship for the last decade of his/her life. I really would like to see some more attention to detail there. A skilled writer (and Obsidian has those, as I know) can easily give the same amount of information in a way, that feels right in regards to the hero. Like having the dwarf-NPC greet a fellow dwarf and then being in a reminiscent mood talking about how things are back home – giving out that same information about what it is like to be a dwarf, but in a way that fits the story. With some triggers and a bit of additional or simply adjusted dialogue you can make a lot of players happy.
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