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  1. Very interesting Update! I especially liked the design of the people from the valley of Ixamitl and their kinda south american influence. I really hope that the design of their buildings will also reflect that, because that's something that you don't often see in games.
  2. Amazing work Obsidian! That scene just looked gorgeous! Everything was just right, the waterfall, the top-notch lighting, the flowing water and moving trees and especially the characters. This video convinced me to up my pledge and I hope that the pledge managing site will go live soon.
  3. A nice article on Brian Menze's work so far. http://penny-arcade.com/report/editorial-article/obsidian
  4. I've the feeling that the OP never played Torment. Because Torment actually had regenerating health and so it must be by his definition "crap".
  5. I love the quest in Fallout 2 in which you have to investigate the "ghost" farm. The quest itself was maybe simple but it had a very tense and creepy feeling. You walk into Modoc and you hear this absolute brilliant soundtrack. Then you hear the stories about a farm nearby, where strange things happen. Word is that strange lights are seen by night and people vanish.
  6. I would like that option too. It is very handy when you make screenshots and you don't want the UI to be visible (e.g., I use them as wallpapers ).
  7. I saw the topic and immediately thought of Fallout 1+2. This is a great idea and should be added to the game, if there is enough time.
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