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  1. This is my third runthrough but something has totally changed. I am at this location(see attached file). If i remeber correctly i always had a really hard time to manage this encounter with at least 5 enemies. But now I can find only one Pwyan. What happend to this game because it has become really too easy on hard. Is this normal or is my game somehow broken?
  2. I tested the Beta. My First Impression for the gameplay and the Optik is still negativ. Gameplay is Not intuitive and i Had really Problems to make difference between Enemy and Friends. The Menu of abilities is too small and Looks wired. In comperation with baldurs gate 2 the Visual Effects of Magic and all the Environment Seems to be made without Love and colours. The Environment has no Details Depth. I Hope this will change until the Release. The Dialogbox in my opinion is too Big and somehow outplaced. My 2 cents
  3. I backed the kickstarter at the beginning yet am missing a kickstarter badge. Please fix me.
  4. I have just pledged additional 8$, which means €6,35 for the obsidian order membership via paypal. So my total pledge is now at 288$. What is the next step?
  5. Can i still become a member if i pledge additional 8$ via Paypal and how will you know that i have pledged them?
  6. Nothing can be compared with Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn. The storyline is still the best so far. John Irenicus is the best NPC out there in RPG's. I've played it several times, vanilla and modded runs. Just a epic game!
  7. Khabar baik! Lu dari semenanjung ke Sabah Sarawak? Translate please!
  8. Greetings from Germany. Never thought there would be such a significant mismatch between North america and europe sine Obsidian is an american enterprise. Aren't american people generally interested in rpg's?
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