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  1. all fights once initiated tend to end up with a deadly finish, how about for once we could bully or convice some of the npcs to reach a different solution. say we could ask them to stop fighting for a sum, or they could offer half their money to run, we could give them a chance at life in exchange for being recruited to work for us. this could be expanded upon ravel(was it?) in nwn2 that after being an enemy ended up in the stronghold. we could get smaller gangs or non essential bosses to join and repent / or should we be evil to submit and work for us. this could provide for a
  2. oh god dao2 is NOT what I mean..... but a couple of guards standing outside a done dungeon could be cool / you could back to bg maps and find random encounters / sleep get attacked / for extra xp, nothing fancy as for the rest of the proposed atmoshere changes see above. please don't turn the topic to a me debate - it was so - it's so - ah so- I mean - man ....
  3. I subscribe to change being bigger in smaller comunities. Things could work like this for big cities - music change , banners on buildings, guards patrolling according to guild in charge : warrior , mage , priest - shouldn't be too hard / expensive to do - if you did major league quests - you would still have side quests in new setting. for smaller comunities - a new building : warrior stone, thief - wood/river dockyard, mage a tower, a few guards etc - they should fall in a bigger city area of influence, characters fatter or slimmer , richer or poorer depending on resources availab
  4. something I found annoying in games is the lack of change in a realm once you " clear " an area. I mean small changes: penons, guards, patrols, slight changes in lightning depending on the faction etc and I don't mean around said stronghold, but in general, think bg naskent after clearing the mine of kobolds - no extra peasants , guards , anything to prove things improved. or fallout - once a city was cleared of quest - you should have seen at least more guards in your winning factions armor something. same goes for morrowind , oblivion etc. say you go bad - some crosses wi
  5. ice wind dale felt very empty to me, for lack of npc personality, more like a hack and slash I can see why some would like to use the chance to fully build a party - but it totaly kills the imersion having no characters that banter argue, like /dislike etc. technicaly romance/casual sex/marriage go under the same banner imersion - rpg. it just has to be there let's say you get 4 male and 4 male npcs , it's obvious 2 males could be gay and one women doesn't like your class or alignement , but that still leaves 5 romancable characters , same for women player 3 men and 2 women could
  6. How about in nwn 2 when you had to help the dragon and/or the giants and you could play one side against the other and win both hoards? Since we have two major cities we could have two guilds fighting.
  7. instead of having everyone have the same crue , we would have some variation - maybe based on alligment if you have say 3 alignments, we could end up with 3 types of leutenants - though it may be dicey should everyone attacking you be evil. that could work for hirelings also: evil berserker - best weaponsmith goodly priest best armorsmith
  8. inactive party members could fend off attacks wondering - dialogue what would you do ...... and something I posted somewere else: could we get some coup de grace ( gta 4) were you could choose to kill or imprison (we must have one ) the important npcs? we could torture, release, loose, covert etc them - a bit more than nwn 2 chick from the law suit
  9. let's have avellone's dungeon attached to the the stronghold as a prison could we have a choice between the final coup de grace and sending npc's to said dungeon ? and while we're at it how about a dungeon keeper chair to torture them into joining us.
  10. there two more things i liked in nwn2: one was converting - ravel was it - in the law suit and have her working for you second was the ability to bind a daemon the first would be nice to see as either converting fallen foes or sending them to your prison/ just a trooper appearing and asking what to do with him/her/it - like when you got the dragon horde the second part ... I don't know how it played since I had no mage but sounded fun - maybe if it weren't restricted to class - since everybody uses soul power
  11. great idea !!! and a nice art sketch to extend to characters and npcs would be better yet.
  12. I'm thinking: island, about crossroad level involvement / including developing village, pearl hunting for money(instead of money, and an attack like second expansion from nwn 1 - you got attacked by those you didn't defeat with your party depending on fortress improvments and/or investing in a fleet ( just a picture of different level ship in a harbour + captain with +/- qualities hired ) the attackers would get more waves all this could add from imposible to very easy fight. we could find this island/keep/village as a short rest on the travel between the 2 big cities - be them o
  13. reminds of an article I read about mixed units on an uk carrier 350 women among 15000 men - buy the first port 95% were pregnant and ready to marry........................................................................................................................................................................................................................ and than they stopped trying mixed units :ban: :ban: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. how are you going to treat the map? bg like or fallout like ? already there but you need to find out about it - freely explorable are there going to be locations that only apper after you find out about them even if you stepped there already (fallout map) random encounters remain as a spot on map or dissapear afterwards .
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