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  1. Mwah if you ask me this sounds abit too much like Tropico and apart from it my fear is that such a feature which doesnt really add anything to the game itself will cost far too much budget and developing resources which could be better spend in the general design of the overall stronghold.
  2. Obviously quality should be a leading factor for this game but having played Baldur's Gate 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2 lenght of gameplay goes hand in hand. However I feel that quests should be linked more then they where back then, some random quest which makes you run to point A-B and pick up X/kill Y isn't really interesting. Make the quests ramp up more and add to the epicness feeling, draw the player into the story and give us the feeling it is actually leading somewhere instead of having a main line with some character chains and the rest as content stuffing. Heck you could even inne
  3. Imo we have missed the greatest race to play yet, namely Boo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minsc ( super rodent to Minsc) imagen a race consistent of Hamster DNA based on Werewolf frame . All we need is some half tard party member who is losing grip on reality and we are set to go.
  4. For me the esthetic/enviromental/lore/quest value is really high. Especially if you look at ways to go with developing such a feature within a city has alot of potential to act as a time sink and go into macro/micro managment. Depending on huw much budget Obisdian is willing to sink into this project you could start out with a manor where you slowly start working towards adding Wooden walls and ramparts and where you start gathering a workforce to improve your building. This can start by aqcuiring the aid of the local woodloggers and artisans trough quests/favors/gold and from there st
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