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  1. Can u please add more graphic option Like off/on shadows or turn off physic, antyaliasing. I play on older mac mini late 2012 and its hard to set satisfactory graphics for that system. PLS.
  2. What about Mac and user with a little bit older hardware like Mac mini Mid 2011 ?? Pilars of Eternity is playable in low settings. Is there also to chance to run Pilars of Eternity II on hardware like Mac mini mid 2011 ??
  3. On the begining sorry for my englisch and I appreciate the work which did Obsidian Entertainment that is why I support all your project. I know that End Game is distant future but what will be game Pilars of Eternity after finisihed all the add-on`s that u have in your minds, another game to uninstall CRAP. What idea you have for end game meybe some quest. Maybe some random tasks which allow to to get some great incredible achivmenty, armor, skills which enable starting a new game with some unique bosses or location or gold plate which found CONAN in secret cave... ??
  4. UI looks suck. Please make it better becouse at this moment UI destroys the game concepts.
  5. Web browser in game it should be any problem whit connecting unless you live in a tent. For what quit every time from the game if you can just turn on web browser just exacly in the game.
  6. I would like to hear in the Polish version Piotr Fronczewski. It was the best narrator in the history of Polish computer entertainment. No one has done as good translation to the present day.
  7. No more quests for idiots. We are not so dump. I whish to search solved out of game one the forum internet. Find some solution whith comunity. Please attached web browser in game similat to the browser included to the Everquest 2.
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