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  1. Hey folks, if you got multiple tiers of backer keys coming to you, they may not show up at the same time. Give it a few minutes and refresh.
  2. Hooray! I got my key! Thanks for the hard work, Obsidian. Love you guys.
  3. I am excited for when this thread turns into: "I got my key!" "Me too!" "Awesome!"
  4. I think the great thing for us all to realize is that upset feelings or defensive ones, we're all really owning this game in concept as well as truth. I'm excited to see this community move forward once we all have the game. Backers or not won't matter, we'll all be enjoying this world we've invested so much into.
  5. Call me when Star Citizen's massive funding campaign actually results in a game. I'll be playing this.
  6. As much as I like GOG, Steam makes it really easy to re-download my library when I make room for other stuff or change computers. That's where I'll be playing.
  7. I broke this lever off in the engine room. The train can't even throttle down anymore.
  8. Hey look, you got it! Oh no, that's not the Kickstarter one, but the other. Oh well, the game will still be out soon.
  9. I've avoided the backer beta, this site, and spoilers in general because I wanted the full fresh experience. I'm eagerly awaiting my keys to arrive. I trust Obsidian to get this right, I'm just anxious. I thought I'd post here about it, since I know so many of us are in the same situation. I hope that everyone has a great launch.
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