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  1. I definitely like the real time with pause system more, though of course the game wouldn't be worse if it was turn-based.
  2. Definitely a great idea. It adds realism to the characters. However, I think it shouldn't happen just due to low influence - more like at NEGATIVE influence.
  3. Random encounters are good as long as they are not just combat. They should be of different types (some combat, some story, maybe even, although rarely, some puzzles)
  4. I do not mean to be offensive, but he looks kinda dead, or even undead. I think he might be a bit evil. Or angry. Or he can be (even better) an Evil Angry Undead Zombie Fluffthing. Such things are definitely not good
  5. Please, maybe you could just... You know... Add me? I asked 2 times and still no answer... Can you make me the Chaos Sorcerer of the Obsidian Order?
  6. Oh! When I asked for a title (Chaos Sorcerer o the Obsidian Order) I forgot to mention I already donated the 8$ fee. I think you might have thought that I didn't. I really hope to be able to join you soon!
  7. I know I might be kind of late, but maybe you could still add me as Chaos Sorcerer of the Obsidian Order? It would be awesome to be part of such a great group of people.
  8. Wizard. I love the 'Burning Arcane Artillery Barrage Cannon of Death' playstyle. However, if it's not going to be so great in P:E, I will probably make a fighter For the race, It's definitely going to be human. I rarely play non-humans on my first playthroughs of RPGs.
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