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  1. mine looks like this the picture itself looks better than waywockets but i it's hard to tell. i would qualify it as blurry but not as blurry as yours. i don't know. i'm more disappointed with this so-called 'cloth' maybe i'll just take the hi-res game map file to a local shop and let them print something nice.
  2. My Collectors Box arrived today (Berlin Germany). I'm happy. (Even though I would have wished for a slightly better quality for the cloth map).
  3. German postal system and DHL had a strike this week so it's supposed to take a day or two more. Sucky.
  4. Any chance on seeing the introduction of a fixed camera option that automatically follows the party? Other than that I am most happy with your work of love.
  5. i like what wasteland 2 did with capturing a shot of your custom character. kinda missing this feature here.
  6. I've taken to playing a couple of hands of Caravan in New Vegas to sweeten the wait.
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