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  1. For Pillars RTwP, because TB need always hard battles. Trash mobs on TB are only a waste of time for me. Out of Pillars, i prefer TB, when right (for me) made. This means, at best, that on each round you have to make many choices. And i mean choices who can change the battle, to your good or bad. So that you need to think, what to do, each round.
  2. I think. Is good meant, but bad made. It works, when you restrict yourself to don´t use all spells in one ore two encounter. So instead of 3 or 4 Fireballs you cast only one of them, then maybe some lvl 2 and 1 spells and then your magic missles per encounter ability. But this works only, when the enemys are not too strong. The point is, the player need to restrict himself and this will never work for all players. Instead they run all the way back to buy new supplys and this is a huge timesink. Maybe some of them will change her gameplay, to overcome that issue and use not so many spe
  3. @phimseto Well you only can use that circle, when you use the power of Mearwald rod. It is so nice hidden, that you can´t find it, without the hint you get from that.
  4. Well this is not so easy, its depend on your lvl. When you are to hight, you can easy smash trough many battles without the use of anything. When on a lower lvl, you need tactic to beat them. This means, to many sidequests and the game will be on many battles to easy. PotD makes it little harder, but i think with a custom party, it is again too easy. ^^
  5. Even Cinder is low, you can find Tidefall here. On my first run, i found it not too. You can easy miss it, because it is in his tiny gold treasure, in the south from it.
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