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  1. More stretch goals? Sure, why not - but only if they further the game worlds ambitions in the way of being sensible parts of a large, immersive and coherent world and just not "static" or forced content for sake of "moar moar". That's my five pfennings...
  2. Here's a crazy idea: what about gods that are not antropomorphic nor animal-like but truly other-worldly? Why does God(s) always have to be created in man's own image? - Yeah, I'm thinking more along the lovecraftian lines. Gods that are worshipped out of fear or ignorance or just because their influence is felt through dreams and hallucinations, through the distorsions of reality or "souls". Gods whose motives are not really discernible, but maybe - just maybe - they feast on our souls and spit and/or **** out spiritual carcasses who are struggling to become whole again (and mortals = all singing, all dancing god crap of the world). And if there need to be some kind interaction between the mortals and the gods some kind of Psychopomps might be the right way. If not the above, at least i'd like to see a well-written trickster like many other posters:) And I'm still of the opinion that whatever gods - whatever their motives - their schemes should be challenged;)
  3. Just a quote from the latest interview with Sawyer that briefly touches this very subject and might give some fuel to the discussion. An answer which I found both interesting and pleasing, especially the last section.
  4. True. But while this is true I would still find an equivalent "atheistic", "agnostic" or materialistic (whatever you want to call it) approach intriguing and viable in any fantasy setting, albeit maybe difficult to implement. It would possibly create some fun friction. And the option wouldn't necessarily be a way to "bash the general idea of religion" at every corner or in every conversation... To paraphrase the quote from Bakunin but with a PE twist; if there is such a thing as the karmic cycle maybe it would be appropriate to abolish it? Or would it really? Is it even possible? What happens to the faithless or "atheist" when he or she stands face to face with the miracles or horrors of real deities? Does the individual protagonist still deny it, does (s)he still continue with his or her calling and hold on the "belief" that "heaven is a place on earth" or does he or she try to take its place in any manner? Or does the person instantly convert like Saint Paul on his famous road to Damascus... Spot on. And as for nihilism, I'm not sure I would call the followers of Shar the prototype nihilists. Do they really want to destroy everything including themselves (I possess too little knowledge to know if this is the case even in FR lore)? In that case they sound more like a caricature of nihilism. Just a quick peek at the wikipedia section gives a bit more nuances to the concept.
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