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  1. By your logic I'm not European either since we do not use euro just yet, Czech crowns ftw hah x3 That's right! ....
  2. It is a no from me too. Early on in the game when you need money they have a value, but otherwise they can clog you inventory or journal unless they scale with your level.
  3. Definitely quality over quantity. I have played too many games full of bugs that rapidly sap the enjoyment from free-roaming environments and eye-candy. My personal opinion is that I enjoy a good story that is well realised and immersive. I get easily tired of too many go fetch quests. I recognise that it is challenging to have replayability, but there are lots of games that completing even one playthrough feels like enough. The gool old cprgs that everyone mentions have all of the features that make you want to replay them as different classes or races etc
  4. England, which is not part of Europe, because we have pounds rater than euros and miles rather than kilometers....
  5. Thank you for the interview commentary, it is good to hear their plans however tentative.
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