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  1. That was a good idea. I just tried it. Sadly, it did not work. Also, from looking at the Google Play Games app, it seems that Pathfinder Adventures never logs in. I've played PA for at least 5 hours since I downloaded it, but Play Games seems to think I haven't played it at all. (By the way, my initial download of PA was a few hours before the patch that broke GP logins)
  2. I have the same problem as most other people here. I can "kind of" log in, but not really, and there's no link to the store. It seems I can log into my Asmodee account (or the game thinks I can, anyway) I'm not sure whether PA is logging into my Google Play account (described below) And I can't log into PlayFab (I'm not sure what that is) When I try to log into my Asmodee account, it seems to log in, but then asks me: When I click "Yes", I get: I'm running Android 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900M What is your PFID#? (Located in the settings menu) PFID is blank. I see the following text: Login Issues When you launch the game, does the welcome popup appear for Game Center/ Google Play Games? Yes, it appears. No matter what I do, it always asks me to sign in. Twice, sometimes three times. If I log in the first time, it asks me to log in again. If I tap away from the popup (and so don't log in), it cycles through again and asks me to log in again. If I tap away again, it usually stops asking at that point. Or I can log in. But it doesn't seem to make any difference.On the main screen, what is the text displayed in the blue box at the top? Link Social Gaming NetworkStore Issues I can't access the store! That's my issue!
  3. I would love to see a page somewhere in the GUY that collects all the different lore books I have found. It'll be great to go back and re-read through them all once I've found dozens and dozens. I guess there'll be web pages up eventually where I can just read through them all, data-dump-style, but it'd be nicer to be able to do this in-game.
  4. Well, that's clever! (I love how this beta is written, there are so many different ways to accomplish the same things!) I got in through the statue out in the wilderness, I had my fighter push it and we went down the stairs and through the cultist enclave, killing everyone, going past the blood ritual room, and finally talking to the wizard. I think I ran into the "disappearing inventory" bug, he probably gave me a key, and somehow it disappeared due to the bug. I've tried using all 6 characters to open the door, I think there's nothing to be done but go back down and out the way I came in.
  5. I'm sorry, I don't mean to ignore your question, but I simply have no idea. I turned on a bunch of Auto Pause options, and just generally messed around with a bunch of assorted options. But I'm pretty sure I found the culprit, Windows was set to auto-manage my page file, and I was running out of disk space. Result: a 300-MB page file. Have fixed the problem. Thanks for your time.
  6. I finished the cultist quest line peacefully and the wizard told me to take the stairs up into town. But for some reason, the door is still locked (maybe I was supposed to have been given a key?). In any case, I'm stuck behind that door in the curriery.
  7. [Description of the issue] Rope and grappling hook does not work as advertised [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] I bought a rope and grappling hook kit, and am at the cultist cave. I saw the broken bridge, and the "DM interaction" window says if only I had a grappling hook... I tried bringing the character who actually has the R&GH in their inventory to interact with the bridge, but still no go. [Expected behaviour] I should have the option to use the rope & grappling hook. [Other remarks / Comments] Example: This only seems to affect the orcs in the Druid's Grove during night time. [Files] Do you need a save file or DxDiag output? I'm currently using the steam browser, from within the game, but can upload those files if they'll help.
  8. That's what I'm thinking. I only have 3 GB (old mobo w/ new gpu. stupid, I know) and can't handle PE + Firefox simultaneously... sad trombone
  9. Just installed, and on my first attempt to run the executable, I went into the main menu just fine, messed around with some options, clicked to start a new game. Ding! And suddenly: Going to try restarting my computer and running the game again.
  10. Is my mind inside my brain?

  11. Is my mind inside my brain?

  12. There are lots of other very awesome P&P games aside from AD&D! Shadowrun, anyone? GURPS?
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