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  1. I'm not sure I actually understand where you are going with this... Don't all mysterious explosions involve haggis to some degree?
  2. Obsidian is probably going to send out surveys to all the backers in the next few weeks. Those will probably allow the backers to link their pledge to their forum accounts. Edit: Seems like Tale posted while I was writing. Consider my response null and void
  3. I actually wouldn't mind Project Eternity as the name of the game. It could reference some kind of mad-wizard-experiment to achieve immortality or something like that...
  4. Kickstarter uses amazon to process pledges... and amazon accepts Visa Debit Cards (http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=518224) so it should work...
  5. But what about my position as the only fluffy thing on the Obsidian Order? Pretty sure you're the only marshmallow, if that's any consolation... I don't think that's going to last... A soon as someone bites Fluffle you'll have another weremarshmallow around...
  6. Getting rid of bugs that were missed in the alphas and betas can only be a good thing IMO... A game that had to be patched together after release always leaves a bad aftertaste... (Mostly in the form of negative reviews)
  7. Ok, that's good know! Then I'll amend my previous statement... I'm pretty optimistic that we'll reach the 72500 in the next 10 hours!
  8. Actually, paypal backers don't add to the dungeon levels. There are two factors: every 2500 kickstarter backers numbering above 50000, and arbitrary facebook likes for their facebook presence. They aren't considering actual amount donated by these backers, it's sort of a freebie. Thanks for the info... Though I'm pretty optimistic that we'll reach the 70000 in the next 10 hours anyway
  9. Thanks @ Darustet and Loranc! Good to know that we have a solid chance to get the second city (and to go even beyond that)
  10. Are there any projections on what the final amount will be? Why would a megalomaniacal wizard have a chain around his neck though? He probably thought it was the height of fashion. That or it's a giant stone titan who the paths were built around as a sort of elaborate subterranean prison. A Dungeon if you will. Or he was creating some kind of magical construct... A Giant Walking Stone Giant would be a perfect servant for any crazy wizard!
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