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  1. His arrived today. Mine is still conspicuously absent - no e-mail notifications or status update on my backer portal at all. I'm amused by this.
  2. I sincerely doubt that this gets changed because: A) It's an option in a quest. B) It's a fairly significant quest. C) Unlike the backer rewards, the questlines get a little more scrutiny and are weighed with a different scale. If they had a problem with the option of killing a child as part of a quest, they wouldn't have made it an option. The world of PoE is a dark and dreary place. No one should be made to feel safe.
  3. Wait... OP is annoyed that he can't walk? Seriously? That's a complaint?
  4. I generated a steam key for my digital version, as I have a physical copy of the game being sent to me as per my backer status. I don't mind it on Steam because of the ease of patching and how unobtrusive the client is.
  5. Still pending, I believe, but Obsidian's good people. As soon as they have news for us regarding the site's up-ness, I'm certain that news shall be liberally shouted upon mountaintops... and by mountaintops, I mean internets. If I'm not mistaken, they suggested that one of the Tuesday-evening Development Updates should have details for us on the Backer Site fairly soon. Just check these forums (specifically this announcement sub-forum) in the following weeks, and I'm sure you won't miss it. They'll probably get your inadvertent missing-shipping cost squared away once it's up. I have no worries about Obsidian. I know that they will deliver on this product, and the constant and transparent updates are great to read when it's slow at work. I want this game more than I wanted Dragon Age: Origins.
  6. I have to ask. I backed this game to hell and back, but failed to kick in the extra money required for thie shipping costs. I believe I backed the $140 model, which required an extra $20 in shipping internationally (stupid Canada). I also missed the boat on the Paypal backing, so that avenue's closed to me. I remember them saying something about a website being launched that can handle those details, but I haven't heard anything new in months. What's the status on that?
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