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  1. My only issue with Original Sin 2 so far has been the camera, more specifically the maximum zoom level. Mostly during exploration, the zoom level seems too close to the ground for a good overview. Since the camera is also tied to the terrain and will follow it up and down, a couple of times the camera has decided to do an extreme close up of my character's face or feet if the elevation change was large enough. Not a big issue and thankfully almost non-existent during combat (at least so far, I'm about 50 hours in), but an issue still. I also don't get the gripes about the armor system. Yea
  2. I've been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 with a group and I have to say, I doubt I'd enjoy playing it much on my own. The only reason I even bought it was because my friends invited me to join in their campaign. The combat controls are a bit too finicky and loose, resulting in collateral damage every now and then. The narrative design has a bit too much homour in it for my tastes. The main plot has not really gripped me and we're basically following the quest log in search of loot. However, playing as a group, it's a fricking blast. Instead of being aggravating, the occasional friendly
  3. Although the dialogue options were limited, I felt I did more roleplaying in a non RPG like Zelda BOTW than in typical JRPGs like the Tales series. There were some dialogue options in the game that would make Link sound like a jerk Well, JRPG's have always been more about telling a story with gameplay intersecting at other points, be they with turn-based or brawler (?) combat systems. The Persona series of games are the only JRPG's where I don't think this applies (that I have played).
  4. 2017 has been a super strong year for RPG so far, especially if you have a PS4: Nier:Automata Nioh Persona 5 Horizon Zero Dawn Zelda:Breath of the Wild (Switch/Wuii exclusive) Out of that list, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is pretty much the #1 game of all time now, Persona 5 was called a GOTY candidate and Horizon Zero Dawn was said to be the new The Witcher 3 at release. :D There is only one RPG on that list and its jRPG. Well, there's three if you count Action-RPG's. I would, but to each their own. You could add FF12:TZA there too, if you count Remasters. As far as D
  5. I'll just repeat what I said last time: I'm not opposed to a mechanics-neutral walk toggle, be that a "walk/run everywhere" button or a Divinity: Original Sin 2 style "walk short distances" toggle in the Gameplay menu (or somewhere). I'll most likely never touch that (in favour of running everywhere) but some people seem to really like the option and it seems harmless and easy enough, so why not. However, the moment you start introducing mechanical differences to it is the moment I vote against it. Introducing something like fatigue penalties for running too much or trap-spotting penalties
  6. I'm not denying that Witcher has an aspect of adolescent power fantasy in it, but I think reducing it to just adolescent power fantasy is ill-informed. Almost every cool and badass character can be reduced to just adolescent power fantasy if you strip enough aspects from them and miss / remove enough content from them. This goes double for video game characters, since gameplay being enjoyable tends to drive the design side and being extremely successful in combat tends to be cool and badass. There's plenty else in The Witcher than just Geralt being a successful witcher. If you don't like i
  7. Disregarding the fact that not being killed is not the same thing as being undefeatable, I hope you realize that this applies to basically every video game player character there is, including The Watcher of PoE. The few player characters that are defeated and killed number in single digits, I'd claim. In every other case, the PC is a murder machine and mastermind extraordinaire, depending on the exact game mechanics, that is never defeated. At worst, in a few cases, they may not win the mission, but they will not be defeated.
  8. Did we see the same story? Geralt is continually being called an outdated idiot working on a field that is going to eliminate itself, and he should really either modernize or quit, or die. He's told these things by his friends, collegues, acquaintances, enemies, rivals, clients, basically everybody. Being the stubborn fool, he just continues working. He also keeps running into various pick-your-poison scenarios. Sure, if by "wins every time" you mean that he survives a lot of crap thrown his way, sure, but I doubt it's really a victory if all the choices are bad.
  9. [CITATION ******* REQUIRED] Also, there is a fundamental difference between a mod doing it and the devs doing it. To put it bluntly, a mod can afford to be awful, simply not work and even afford to fry your computer, thanks to the simple fact that it's an unofficial mod. An official mode will rightly be complained about if it doesn't work 100% of the time and it will rightly be torn apart if there are any serious problems in it.
  10. Emphasis mine. There exists a CRPG that has, if not focuses, on co-op multiplayer. Two in fact, since D:OS has a sequel. So claiming that there isn't a single one that focuses on co-op is just false. It's not the prevailing trend, but considering how much time that feature assumes people have, I doubt such a trend would survive for long.
  11. You say that as if one of Divinity: Original Sin's big features wasn't multiplayer co-op.
  12. I pre-ordered, so yeah, hehe, I'm kind of devastated. Me as well, after the demo seemed promising. I expect to still enjoy it, but it seems like it won't be the pure quality time I was hoping. Still, I kind of doubt that it's a sign of mainstream disappointment in their RPG's. The major difference is that at BG2's time, a major CRPG shared shelve-space with flight simulators and hardcore shooters (think Rainbow Six 1). It was a different time, when a highly complex game was the norm rather than the exception. The Witcher series didn't really gain its popularity until T
  13. While I can see why you might want it, I have absolutely no interest in it. I don't play PoE for its combat and I have no real interest in a duel multiplayer setup, especially when it's real time with pause. More importantly, internet multiplayer is time-consuming as ****. If they were to implement any kind of net multiplayer, it could easily add a lot of work into the mix and would almost certainly delay the release. It's just not worth it.
  14. I highly doubt PoE will get anywhere near the attention and fame the Witcher has gotten. The sad truth is that CRPG's are a relatively niche game type and one of the prime reasons The Witcher managed to gain its fame is that it's an Action-RPG with a... whatever you would call the Arkham games combat system, as its main combat mechanics. Sure, I hope and kind of expect Deadfire to gain a major position as a CRPG, but I kind of doubt that it will ding the mainstream radar at all, or at most it will gain a few curious glances.
  15. I can imagine games where I would love this feature, but I'm not sure if PoE is among them. We'll see in the beta if there is enough flair in Deadfire's combat to justify instant replay but I kind of doubt it.
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