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  1. I like the skill + consumable idea a lot as well, and I'm with you on the specific example of lockpicks too. There must be a load of skill areas that don't have an obvious 'consumable' aspect to them (picking pockets? haggling? lock picking!?). Would you restrict this mechanism to skills that use tools, or go with something other than physical resources?
  2. In the spirit of taking a single developer comment and blowing it up out of all proportion, I was interested in finding out about Josh's taste in music. I would personally like to see those influences feed into the soundtrack of the game. I'm also interested in the concept of saints in a world where gods are a matter of fact rather than faith. It seems like a bunch of work has already been done on world background and history - that's the stuff that I'm looking forward to, more so than mechanical details.
  3. As far as I know your pledge comes off your credit card as soon as the Kickstarter closes. When you pay off the credit card is up to you, but I guess you wouldn't want to run up interest charges. The PayPal option will almost certainly stay open after the KS finishes, so maybe that's your best option.
  4. Black powder, with all that entails, is definitely in. Firearms have a particular role in mage combat which makes them interesting and unusual, adding flavour to the setting. That said, for me the cruder the better - they should definitely be a risky option.
  5. Painted portraits for me. I'm fine with the in-game models being generic so long as they have enough detail that they don't look out of place against the painted backdrops, and equipment and clothing is well represented.
  6. Upped by $33 - I want the Obsidian t-shirt and the OO. Can I be 'Vacillator of the Obsidian Order'?
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