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  1. Here is my collector box edition on the other hand: https://twitter.com/KideRusha/status/590885894695088128 I am at least happy with getting the collector box edition with signatures. ^^
  2. I am not sure, although in the past years I have been playing a female character a lot more often than a male one... So it would probably be a female character. As such, could play male character too, but just haven't for a long time. And I am a female myself, so then where there is a choice I usually play as one.
  3. Either one is okey with me, though if I would choose then number 1 would be my choice. ^^ Thank you for asking though!
  4. Companions first and foremost. Anything else would be a bonus, but I love to be able to choose different party compositions, and as such that would really be what I would want. Otherwise there can be other nice extra stuff, but companions specificly would be the ones I would love to have more of.
  5. I have a simple benchmark. I cut and edit the whole video then I watch it one time. If I get half way through it and find I haven't really enjoyed it yet or it is boring me... well if I don't find myself entertaining it is a safe bet no one else will either. Well.... I do not really know if I can judge if I am been "entertaining", because I am simply been me. One person commented to me that he enjoyed watching me play simply because he felt I enjoying what I was doing. I can easily judge though if I enjoy playing something or not. But then judging if that is what others see? Suppose it is kind of more a feeling based thing.
  6. Yup, as said before to me it seemed he did not enjoy it. Maybe he might have enjoyed some later content and areas, but for now at least to me it seemed he did not enjoy it. Though I personally would not want to leave let's plays unfinished, but I think it is a little bit also about who is doing it. I am sad to see a let's play I have followed been left unfinished. But for some special cases, it is the better choice. Depends on the reasons a bit.
  7. And by the way The Stanley Parable, even if in no way a roleplaying game was a fun game kind of exploring the choice in games. Or how a narrator one point would say (do not want to say too much, so for not spoiling that game, but, saying below if you want to read)... "Do you see, do you see that Stanley was already dead when he pressed start". Which as such is true, because there is still the path laid out for you, even if you have the illusion of choice. So in fact all the possibly choices are already laid in front of your eyes. So how much choice do you actually have? But as said there are million things I have been missing, I am just glad I am finally starting to get some of these aspects in new games, because there was a really dry time for me before regarding games.
  8. Yap, and the experience system kind of required you to have some ability to fight so to speak. So you could gain levels better. It had problems and bugs, one of the more interesting ones was a mage who cast magic underground, and became more evil because of it.... And then all of the good party members started to really really dislike me, even though i did not even know I was committing any crimes by casting spells in dwarfen mines... I want to play properly through it with a really technological character at some point, kind of considering doing let's play of it some point, when there really is not that many of those in youtube either.
  9. I personally like the main character with companion style most like in baldurs gate series. But I also liked icewind dale a lot, they simply were different. I would like to see both style of games made at least. Though as I mentioned in another thread, I would really love it if in the case of creating more than just the one main character, there would be possible voices (personalities) you could also choose for your party members. As that alone makes wizardry 8 way more replayable for me than icewind dale games. In icewind dale games even if I like them, all of the party members just are there to do their job so you can get forward in the actual story. On the other hand in wizardry 8 when those different voices you could choose for your party members commented on some events during the travels made the party feel way more alive. Of course they were still in the same party and they did not have part chat between them self's, but still by commenting on things while travelling they made it feel way more alive, plus of course you wanted to also test not only different class set ups but voice set ups as well... And they do comment on each other sometimes too. It was really quite funny when my mage fumbled with his spell, and the spell backfired, my bishop then commented on it: "Even monkeys sometimes fall from the trees, try again". As said... I really wish to see something like that in some future game, because I loved that.
  10. How to pick only one thing when there are so many things you have missed? =p Well I think there are loads of great opinions here already, and I could easily choose one of them, but.... Just to say something different that I have been missing other than Arcanum 2... I would say I would really love to see a new rpg (that has you to create several party members, like icewind dale series) have the ability for you to choose them a voice and kind of a personality like you can do in Wizardry 8. If you do not know what kind of customization for voices that game has you really should check it out, that alone made the game so much more repayable. Even when you created all of your party members, they still felt like personalities, and it was fun hearing them comment during your travel on different things. If there is going to be rpg game where you create more than one main character, I really really really would love to see that.... Or actually hear. And as said otherwise there's so many things I have personally missed that I could really be creating a long list here, but I think there's already been a lot of great points here before too.
  11. Arcanum is pretty much my favorite game, but it certainly has a lot of problems especially with the combat system. Still the game I have finished 3 times. It would have been nice to see Avellone play, but for me personally at least it felt that he did not really enjoy it. Maybe it would feel different when he got more into the world and see more, but at this moment nevertheless it just felt like that to me personally. He has a lot of things to do that's for sure. So not too bothered if there is going to be more of the arcanum let's play or not.
  12. As said, I enjoyed combat in the old infinite engine games. And I really hope I can enjoy combat in project eternity as well, as even if the story is more important, I liked to enjoy combat in these older games. And it would not be as enjoyable with only objective based experience, as then really watch the point to kill, when I can get past this battle that easily and only waste my time and effort with battle? I know you can easily argue that objective based experience will not take you the possibility to go and fight away, but it will simply make my enjoyment of battle less. And I think that would be the case for many... Still one of the things that made me enjoy old infinite engine games as much as I did was the fact that battles were challenging and more tactical with your 6 party members and different spells you could cast etc. And if you take one of the rewards for the battle away.... Well it would also take one of the reasons that it felt satisfactory away from me... I liked to challenge myself with the combat in these older infinite engine games, but it simply will not feel the same if there is less reward for doing so. And feeling something the certain way is not something you can change easily, I at least can't control how I will feel about something.
  13. And I for one enjoyed combat in icewind dale games and baldur's gate games. There were a lot of options with spells and it was tactical with 6 party members... Even when I feel like it's good that someone who decides to sneak past enemies does not loose experience because of it, I would feel less happy with the tactical combat if there were no actual reward in battling enemies and gain experience... Olden role playing games had usually a lot of combat, but for me it never felt like a burden. (Well maybe in wizardry 8 when you could not even sleep before you got more enemies attacking...) But as said I enjoyed combat in icewind dale and baldur's gate, probably more than in any other role playing game before or since. So to me combat is a big part of these games, even if the story is the really important part that made them the games they are. Still I would want to enjoy combat in project eternity just the same, and I really don't know what's the point of fighting then if there is no other reward for it than some loot. In some games excess amount of battles can become a burden for me, that was never the case with infinite engine games though. So I am not really sure I would want this kind of thing to be changed when there was nothing really wrong with the other system. And as said even if you can argue you would still gain the same amount of experience by objective based system, it does not feel the same. And with nostalgia effects the feeling you get is quite important. Plus as some said it would kind of feel a little restrictive to think that there is always the same amount of experience out there with the objectives, and it could be just like that with the old system too, but it just does not feel as restrictive as you can see your own progress all the time... I don't know, anyways even if I argue a lot for the older system, I still trust that obsidian would try to put the objective based experience well into the game. So i trust they will what ever they do make an awesome game. One which I personally will enjoy a lot no matter what, but one where I might enjoy combat more with the old system than with the new system... But it's up to them what they want to do. And hopefully were clear enough of what my opinion is about the matter, english still is not my mother language.
  14. I do have to say that I find it very strange that anyone would make comments that were made a few pages previously. Certainly those kind of opinions do not earn any respect from me. The point of the order was that everyone is giving more for obsidian to make this game. Of course if someone wanted to they could cheat and not really give anything, but well... That is a person I could not respect, and if I would do something like that I could not respect myself. We can't really control what other people do, we can only control what we do ourselves, and trust that other people feel the same way and act accordingly.
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