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  1. More stretch goals would be cool, but I'd rather see the time spent on making what we already have. You guys already have a 'fox' load of stretch goals to include, but perhaps stretch goals towards an expansion, or even post release content, would be worth considering?
  2. I'd prefer feats, it would fit much better in an IE style game and IWD2 had something similar.
  3. I personally like the stat/skill indicators in front of dialogue. I wouldn't miss them too much if they weren't included, but it is handy to know which skill will be used to carry out a certain dialogue. For example if [bluff] is indicated and you pick the dialogue but fail at bluffing then they just dont believe you. Or with intimidate, they are not threatened at all by you.
  4. Another option could be that you may have to quest to discover an ability of a particularly powerful item. For example if you found 'Flame Tongue', you would know it was a exceptional longsword, but you would have to find an old tome or research the weapon further in order to discover the phrase that causes the blade to become wreathed in magical flames. For abilities like that you would not really find out by chance, unless such a phrase was inscribed upon the blade itself. Even then the phrase may be inscribed in some strange ancient runic language, thus sowing the seeds for a quest to
  5. I like this idea, a two step identification method would be cool, and prevent you 'having' to memorise identify spells. Perhaps certain conditions could trigger an items abilities, thus identifying them through use. For example you would notice that your sword inflicted deeper wounds when fighting goblins etc, recognising it as a 'Goblin Bane'. Or simple enchantments that grant a bonus to hit would be conveyed as your blade striking much truer than a normal weapon, but not knowing if its +1 or +3. But for the lore and full identification of an item you would need a high lore skill or to se
  6. I'm probably one of the 'younger crowd' here at 23, but I grew up playing BG1 and 2, IWD 1 and 2 and have played PST since. I've also played the NWN, DA and ME games, along with the witcher. Personally, I enjoy the newer Bioware games , and they are fun in their own right, but personally the IE series will always, for me, be the more enjoyable games. I don't get all the hating other studios that is so prevalent in forums, and that's probably why I don't generally go on them. There's a certain level of storytelling that exists in the IE games that doesn't quite come across in newer RPGs in
  7. Personally I would love well made companion friendship and romance paths. I felt the romance/friendship paths in BG2 were very well done, and give a great example of the type of thing seen in the IE style games. Many of the characters developed a deep relationship with the PC depending entirely on the path you chose to take and how you reacted to both the companion and the world around you. These did not always lead to romance though. The romances that did occur always brought out a new side of the character, one that reflected that character maturing in response to your actions throug
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