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  1. Wow. This is just so...bad. Why not bring up something like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IUHYmgb2xE You don't need cheap melodrama to make a scene emotional.
  2. Well, Divinity 2 has mindreading, but it costs XP. So it makes you choose it only when you are suspicious etc. That's one of the many ways this could be done.
  3. evdk: Nope, they still suck, but I guess they are slightly better than those old Mrazík's ones:). Personally, I avoid any translations as a plague, but quite a lot of people would be lost without them.
  4. I'd contact Marek Tvrdý, he handles quite a lot of translations these days...
  5. To be honest, I don't want another stretch goal. They could bite more than they can chew. I'd rather use more money as a backup, because development usualy don't go as fast and well as planned, and backup budget for necessary finalizing/testing/polishing can be quite useful thing in later stage of development:). We all played Obsidian games and we know they haven't been the best in knowing what the can deliver under given time/money constrains:).
  6. It doesn't have to be fully described or pictured "sex scene", for christ's sake. But you have sexualy active characters in almost every story from the beginning of mankind and it often makes those stories and character motivations more believable...
  7. What's wrong with tasteful sex options? Do you consider all books/movies with sex included to be distasteful? When it's well written, it can be completely natural part of PC's relationship with NPC/companion.
  8. Well, it was a running joke during his Ustream that our next stretch goal would be cats. Now my reason for wanting it is because of a few other games, BG + IWD. You'll recall the dead cats in IWD and the pantaloons in BG, i'm thinking something fun a long those lines would actually be a cool stretch goal for the game itself. Now that you mention it that would be cool....though maybe not dead this time. Still I think they ought to be a stretch goal's bonus point rather than its main incentive. There was a lot of cats in NWN2, I'd be surprised if there were none here - even without 4M
  9. I think all that hate for romances is caused by the fact they are usually really badly writen and awkward (especially Bioware writers suck at this). I don't see a problem with believable tasteful romance/sex options, since building relationships of various kinds is part of a human nature and neglecting romances altogether lowers your roleplaying options and motivations quite significantly.
  10. I actually really like Dragon Age 2 UI. It is very simple, unobtrusive, functional and it doesn't obscure half of the screen as those awful heavy BG UIs. I always hated them.
  11. Nice update and beautiful screenshot. I wonder how well you will manage to animate the water, foliage and other parts of the environment to fit into such a detailed background. Good luck with that...
  12. I can't say I'm all that impressed by the music. I guess it is difficult to compete with things like (despite it's ripping off Predator theme:)) or , but this still feels a little bit bland, like something you could hear in countless games that you forget few hours after finishing them. Hopefully it will work better in the game, right now I can't remember single motive despite listening to it two minutes ago:).
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