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  1. Frankly, NWN2 combat was a nightmare. Does anyone remember those horrible rogue filled rooms in the NW manor? Or the Orc caves? Or how rogues were *made* useless by filling the game to brim with undead hordes? In many ways, these are the same problems that IWD2 faced. As well as PoE. I personally feel that 3.5 D&D is a great RPG mechanics facility, not perfect, but still great nonetheless, which has received a bad name as it was abused by bad developers.
  2. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68982-dear-obsidian-what-really-needs-to-be-fixed-is-not-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1523178
  3. Quite astute! I will explain myself. It is objectively better because it has more classes, Spells, Multiclassing, Skills, enemy variety. These are the only things objective in any comparison as they are numerical.
  4. IE games and infinite resting and thus infinite spells. Which is why the buffing was broken. If pre-buffing came at the cost of actual spell slots sacrificed for later fights it would be the best system ever. Just like in PnP.
  5. NWN2 is objectively better. And I am not talking about the campaigns, even when I believe that MOtB and SoZ>>>>> PoE. NWN2 simply has better mechanics, which when used judiciously can give us amazing modules like the Conan Saga. As I see it, PoE is totally hampered by its combat design where the attributes have little to insignificant effects and the entire engagement mechanics. Add to that the inability to multiclass and you have a repetitive and shallow gameplay.
  6. I think I asked a pretty straightforward question: Is playing a thief underpowered in Bg/2 all by itself or just wrt other classes? If it's the former then I will admit BG/2 were worse games as they made an entire class impossible to play. My general impression is, no matter what class you play the game is totally playable just like most modern games, including PoE. Mages and other magic users are not particularly overpowered either. They require careful play and more input. The entire assertion that they are easier is blinded by player expertise and nostalgia at playing more complex classes better.
  7. Density does not make for quality. It was just more in BG2. You are projecting your baggage on me. Stop it.
  8. Gromnir, are you saying that thiefs are underpowered in BG games? Just want to understand your stance. Or is your point that they are weaker than other classes? Like rangers, priests and Wizards of PoE?
  9. I *can* put my finger on why I don't like DA:I. It's a console game, with a piss-poor porting over to PC, with no Mac/Linux version. It's definitely why I *DO* like PoE: it's a game written for PC Gamers, that uses an actual UI-control setup that makes ****ing SENSE. That is something that is as up-to-date in 2015 as it was in 2001. If you're still a PC Gamer, and still like REAL RPGs (which at the end of the day still work best on mouse & keyboard, not a joystick/game-controller), as opposed to action-games that pretend to be one.
  10. I don't know dude. This forced magic == Non magic kinda sucks to my tastes. Magic ought to be harder to use but more powerful than non-magic. The word does mean *something* no? I would say that make material components and cast times for spells larger and there is no need to change D&D system.
  11. They get mana from SHOOTING PEOPLE IN THE FACE. It's ****ing awesome, is what it is. PoE mana > other games' mana Have a very nice day. -fgalkin The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one. LOL.
  12. That has nothing to do whatsoever ith High level vs Low level. In D&D Magic >>>> Not magic.
  13. Griveing mother, No. Durance yeah. Again, both written by Chris Avellone. Durance I do not consider as great simply because of the setting. The gods are revealed to be mostly impotent idiots bickering amongst each other and with mortals. This practically flattens out the emotional power of what Durance is trying to say. Worse yet, it harms the entire setting in general as the central theme: 'can meaning exist without faith?" is practically pointless in a world where answers are forced on the PC and the chars.
  14. yeah. Great dialogue like <Priest of Eothas> : Who was Eothas? is why I enjoyed playing this game. This kind of horrendous lack of attention to detail concerning backgrounds is also present. Dialogues are JUST NOT better than PST or MoTB or even Alpha Protocol, which had probably the best overall dialogue presentation. PoE companions are not really weak, btw. They are just so much worse than ones from MoTB/PST that it stands out. You can not compare *any* of these to Gann or Kaelyn or anyone from PST. These were games written by the same people. The 'cutscene' idea was great and it indeed is a strong point in favor of PoE. reminds me of Darklands. A bit unfortunate that this was not what made darklands great but rather just added to its fun. UI is indeed better in PoE though. Nostalgia is also not my 'thing' as I never liked IE games so much.
  15. The funny thing about this game is how soft counters end up becoming hard counters anyway. In the sense they become so highly accrued on a target that 'extreme and specific' means need to be used to overcome them. That quoted portion is what I consider hard counters. Examples are the Adra Dragon and Thaos.
  16. It is sad indeed. But PoE improves upon things that made BG a success anyway. It improved upon art and uh oh.. Yeah, that. There are other small individual things like it gave melee fighters at least one useful ability that they can use other than a right click.
  17. Yeah. Except one seal makes more difference. Way more difference. To set traps right takes either metagaming knowledge or lots of reloads most of the time. The encounter design is hardly suited for tactical gameplay that allows stealth scouting. Not to mention, where traps actually matter, like Raedrick's hold, it makes almost zero sense to allow it. In the game if you 'sneak' (note the quotes) up to Raedric then he sees you putting traps. IN HIS THRONE ROOM.
  18. Actually underlying DAO spell mechanics is way better with spell interactions and resource consuming abilities. It is only hampered by encounter design and kooldowns. Also, the secret to success in DAO is HARDLY chugging potions. If you are playing that way, you don't get the mechanics. There is an optimal strategy with every kind of opponent: Mobs? Cast AoE. Melee fighters? Cast stuns and shatter. Magic users? Cast mana clash.. etc.
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