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  1. Can't or won't? Seriously, though, good luck!
  2. Seems the other 10k backer was a troll after all -- the campaign dropped to 47k. In other news, Lori posted a number of stretch goals they hope to get funds for: http://hero-u.com/kickstarter-stretch-goals/ Looks like a couple of pretty interesting areas got cut from the final game due to budget. Hope they'll get enough to put the Gog-SoSloth temple in at least.
  3. I don't know -- the break-in demo had very strong QFG vibes for me.
  4. Well, the Coles have been very transparent and candid about the problems. And they seem committed to delivering the game. And what is there looks promising. I'm actually contemplating supporting the 2nd KS when (if) I have some funds available.
  5. Apparently they know one of the 10k backers from earlier Facebook interactions, so at least that much seems to be legit. High pledge trolls are not unheard of on KS, however.
  6. Hmm... I really don't know of any recent games like this. Even The Witcher is over 5 years old. Perhaps try Avadon: The Black Fortress? It's kind of a RPG lite, though. There's a demo here: http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/avadon/
  7. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RealityIsUnrealistic
  8. Most recently, the Coles asked Ken Williams about it and reportedly there's no chance of it happening.
  9. Speaking of people never having played QfG, I'm giving away another copy on GOG in a limerick writing contest.
  10. Actually, someone made a similar comment on another forum and Corey (I think) said that they have a big garden with a lots of room to hide the bodies. Little graveyard humour there...* * Anyone not getting the reference should go play the QfG series from start to finish right now.
  11. It's done manually, so feel free to head over there and register. Ah. That explains it. I'll just wait until I'm activated, then. Cheers!
  12. Later, in therapy for abused games... - "Show me where the bad Monte touched you on the doll." - "Ah, but he didn't touch me on the doll!" PS. Regarding your signature, didn't your mother tell you to ignore chain letters?
  13. Is the registration over at the OOoE forums done manually? I'm asking cause I didn't get an activation e-mail.
  14. Consider also international shipping. Likely a lot of Europeans chose digital rewards and not a boxed copy.
  15. I'd certainly like to see what else they can come up with. I'm not particularly worried about them changing the combat and game view, because perspective and combat were not what made QfG great for me -- the story and the humour were far more important in that regard.
  16. I know I'm late to the breastplate party, but I just wanted to make sure this comic strip makes an appearance: http://oglaf.com/breastplate/
  17. How does it feel having been paid over 4 million to play a video game? Also, more importantly, this must be recorded -- Let's Play Arcanum with Chris Avellone!
  18. Just put down my 8 pieces. (Starker, The Warped One of the Obsidian Order)
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