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  1. I kickstarted $223 back in 2012 and now that the games come out I've managed to miss out on actually playing it. It's really frustrating.
  2. Considering they felt it was possible with 1.1 million, I'm not too worried.
  3. I was just thinking yesterday how good Project Eternity's name is. I don't think they should change it.
  4. Adding in more companions and more dialogue for companions would be my hope.
  5. On the obsidian site, do I include the tier, shipping and addons in one pledge or do I do it in 3 separate payments? I sent an email to info@obsidian.net but received no reply. Also, say I wanted to join the Obsidian Order, how would I add that in?
  6. Speak for yourself. The main reason I'm choosing a physical tier is for the shirt and the game box, dvd and other goods is a bonus.
  7. You are getting the expansion and Wasteland 2 as well. The expansion will probably cost $30-40 when it's released and I'm not sure how much Wasteland 2 will be but probably around the same.
  8. No, you get to design an NPC or a weapon or an inn etc but you don't get to design one of each. You do however get the $500 tier stuff and other goodies such as extra copies of the game depending on tier.
  9. I can't believe people are so indifferent about mods. Mods are essential imo for a game that will be played multiple times. They keep it fresh, improve it, strip away the annoying things that will bother you on repeated play throughs, and constantly introduce new players by keeping up interest in the game. It would be a tragedy if PE did not have mod support.
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