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  1. I remember reading that technology in the Project Eternity World won't include the printed press. It would seem right if they did an animation or a slideshow of pictures depicting the making of a book from those days before the making of the printed press like start out at a jungle or forest as a hunter kills a deer(this to showcase the world and could also introduce the hardship of even just making paper with attacks on the hunter by wild beasts or hordes), then it goes to the skinning process, making it's hide into the paper that makes the book all the while telling the story of the world. (
  2. I would like a hint of what is in The Project Eternity Cooking with Tim Recipe Book. Wonderfully beef filled stews, a pie or two, give me something. Also is there going to be these foods within the game that the character can eat, maybe a little easter egg of some chef serving these foods? Also like the idiot dialogue but I want to know will there also be low strength dialogue or low endurance like some NPC's look at the player and say they can't trust them because of how weak they look (just an example, maybe high intelligence characters get some dialog options where they stupefy someone
  3. Like the comment by Josh Sawyer on XP4T in regards to the souls. It seems like it is focused as a plot device, would also like it to have impact in how you play. I see what Radres pointed out could be done with the soul system but feel that it makes someone have to play a certain way to achieve bonuses http://www.xp4t.com/2012/10/03/project-eternity/ XP4T: Souls as the source of magic, and energy. Is it far out to imagine pits of humans thrown together in order to harvest their energy for dark purposes? Josh Sawyer: No, it isn’t too far out! That’s actually something we like about
  4. References to Tom Waits and Bach? This man Bell has to be hired. Would like to know what themes of music there will be, there are going to be different lands and cultures so the music can't all be this typical fantasy stuff that all have European roots, is there going to be diversity in the soundtrack or is that too much from digital archives?
  5. Like the dungeon, hope it has a story like FNV Dead Money with someone creating it originally as an obsession and full of hope but then it devolving into a death trap. Also agree with many on the crafting system that it should not have Skyrim elements of just upgrading any item to full. I fully endorse that it go the Fallout New Vegas route, at least it gives purpose to fluff miscellaneous items and can be even rare stuff that has to be stolen like some replied
  6. If people are going to put down mature theme of rape they should also look at just the concept of their character being taken against their will to do something or have something happen to them that they can't control. This adds another aspect of the story creeping on the player who wants full control but follows the mechanics of a predetermined world. The whole soul system can be a factor in that as well as the player cannot control themselves from destroying their companions or a whole town due to someone controlling the soul or the soul itself taking over. I also liked the concept of the
  7. Thanks Alper for the information. Can I just be a Wandering Ronin of the Obsidian Order or something, I'm not that strong in having anything to contribute to the game since I can't come up with any ideas to benefit the game.
  8. Hope this does not go Metal Gear Solid with the subdual if it occurs, I mean when you knocked a boss out they would still die in the cutscene. I believe if someone can do a full-on murder playthrough there should be an option for someone who is a full on pacifist who can either pursuade or subdue everything within the game.
  9. Upped my pledge, how do I expand my Kickstarter-Username with "- Obsidian Order" so I can get in on this or do I just do it here? Sorry if others have asked. Also how do people know someone has upped their pledge?
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