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  1. He must not have huge roles as writer for each project to be able to take on so much. Or as this tread implies: amphetamine snarfing, time traveling, cyborg clones....
  2. I think whatever Obsidian does with mages will work out well. They are not strangers to the genre, and I am sure they will do a good job of balancing the usefullness of each class. I think it may be wise to look at P:E as a chance to do something new with some of the classes, instead of using the same old formula. That being said I am a fan of the D&D class system (even with all its problems) and wouldn't be sad if P:E's class system worked very similar to D&D's.
  3. I think it would be pretty funny to have a garbage/challenge class. They would be bad at pretty much everything and would only really be chosen by Major League Gamers as a test of their abilities after they have beaten the game a couple of times.
  4. I think a mixture of serious overtone with occasional light moments is always a winning combo.
  5. I think the Wiki is a great idea. One-stop shopping to get the lowdown on whats what in the PE universe.
  6. Just upgraded my pledge from $20 to $88 after Update #9. I am really looking forward to Obsidian's final product.
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