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  1. "Digital Pack: Soundtrack, Collector Book, Behind the Scenes" and "Expansion Pack" So I got the Hero edition, is this my tier? I assume the expansion pack is after the main game? The rest of the goodies like collector book and all ins't suppose to appear too?
  2. So we still get the keys tomorrow right? I really do not see what is the big deal or I guess I am just used to the Europeans getting it 3 days latter.
  3. No, it releases on March 26th at 9AM Pacific time. Oh ok so what is this all about? some people talking about having it?
  4. They are not my favorite games when it comes to gameplay but it is a moderated challenge, and I do like to experiment with specializations like tempest dual dagger and so on but yes it is not the best system, and to tell you the true the only game that made me really like the gameplay side of RPGs was The Witcher 2 lol most of the time I play on easy or normal because I am more invested in the story.
  5. Neverwinter Night since I never completed it and Dragon Age: Inquisition on nightmare, which is the most frustrating thing I ever played in a RPG, M&K and top camera just does not work for that game which is hilarious.
  6. Wood Elves in the Elder Scrolls, by 10% in Morrowind and Oblivion (in Skyrim, only very slightly). --- First playthrough will be with a male Paladin called Galahad. While it wouldn't be my first choice of character today (and certainly not the name), it's kind of a tradition - I did the first run of BG, BG2, IWD, IWD2, and NWN1 with him. So I have to stick to it. :D When I mean bigger, I really mean it. The difference with bosmers is not that noticeable. I am talking about muscle and overall body structure and not really some inches taller.
  7. Sentient spiders? I'd play that. Or hyenas and other animals really. I just like a good amount of unexpected. Still I am liking the CC of PoI overall, there is a lot worse out there.
  8. I find that point about it being easier to RP an evil characer interesting because as a guy I find it easier to play more 'morally ambiguous' or aggressive character when they are female. Wonder if it's universal for both genders to find it easier to play evil characters when not of their own gender or if it's just me being weird... I think it depend on the person but I heard that enough around my group of IRL friends and online to consider one of the biggest points. I think it is more easy to distant yourself if you identify less with the character. It does not work with me but there is plenty of people that do that.
  9. Unless the game is seriously broken, I really do not see myself waiting a month or two for it. Even New Vegas was playable at the time, it cannot be worse.
  10. Using a female avatar obviously. As for female players picking male characters there are three big things: - If there is romance the male on male is always nice for eye candy. - Because they can look hot in tight pants. - It is more easy to RP an evil character. I find all races really well done overall when it comes to features and gender, although I am still waiting for the day that females of one race are bigger than the male equivalent.
  11. Same here My character after dying was stuck on the floor and Ref. status were negative. It fix it self after loading but the saves revert to default the keys and it show no seconds or time had pass on it.
  12. You'll find a key in your Products tab on your account page on the PoE site when they release it (2:00 PST). Insert key into Steam, download beta, enjoy. 2:00 AM or PM? 10:00 PM GMT+0 right?
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