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  1. Given that our Watcher is going to start over from zero due to the effect of the God taking control of the body of the giant statue, wouldn't it make sense that the soulbound strength of those weapons would be sapped as well, leading to them being essentially normal weapons? Just my $0.02
  2. What I *didn't* like in DA:O is how you had to manually go to the codex and try to find those lore books. A simple Book-Cover art pop-up with the text when acquiring the entries would've been neat. Agreed entirely, it was frustrating
  3. I really liked in DA:O where a lot of the lore books you read actually had quests if you followed what the book said. Making each book worth taking a look at and a lot of them worth reading in order to proceed on a quest. I felt like this provided more flavor and gave some quests that didn't involve just talking to someone and performing x task, but instead allowed for your character, and you, to experience some of the lore of the game.
  4. I have been playing with a Cipher and BB Rogue, both of whom possess the Mechanics Skill. Upon entering Scout Mode, I have been able to find trapped chests and trapped walkways and able to disarm the trapped walkways. Unfortunately for me, the disarm icon/choice never appears if a chest is trapped. If I don't enter scout mode and find out the chest is trapped, I can interact with the chest, thus opening it and getting attacked by the trap. However, if I determine that the chest is trapped, I can no longer interact with it, save mousing over the chest and having the loot icon appear. When I click on the chest, however, nothing happens and my party behaves as it would had I clicked on the floor, asking them to walk elsewhere.
  5. Every trap I've detected, in game thus far, has prevented me from looting the chest. If I can't detect the trap, then I can loot the chest (and get zapped), but if I detect the trap, I am no longer able to interact with the chest. For example, in one of the houses in Dyrwood, there is a trapped chest. I detected that it was trapped, and had the "Loot Chest" Hand Icon, but just cannot loot the chest. I wonder if I just don't know how to disarm traps, or if this would be considered a bug.
  6. Just wanted to say that I had the same problem and went through the same process before determining that it was removing the BB Character from the Party.
  7. Good idea. We'll call them the 108 Lights of Fate. Continue. I like where this is going!
  8. I really think that we should collect 108 "friends" and have them staff our stronghold! I promise everyone that this is an original idea!
  9. Just wanted to share with my fellow order members, that this back alley physician, has upgraded IRL. Got accepted into medical school this week. Hopefully, in a few years I will be able to practice medicine mid-alley or even at an alley entrance. I won't get my hopes too high though! Celebratory incisions for all!
  10. Dueps - Back Alley Physician of the Obsidian Order Edit: I'm definitely more of a ne'er do well, who enjoys drinking while maintaining a facade of respectability. Might I also recommend the blue herb, I knew a guy who knew a guy who said that blue herbs will clear that rash up right away. Trust me, I'm a doctor...
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