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  1. I really loved the Nathyrra and Aribeth romance in HoU. The flirting sequences were rather amusing, but I never could resist sarcasm and friendly mockery.
  2. I'm not quite sure which setting you are specifically referring to, but I'm going to take Forgotten Realms as an example. In Forgotten Realms you have deities who grant divine magic to those who serve them, and arcane users can tap into the weave or shadow weave, that both were created by Gods. Now, if you look at the non magic classes, like fighter. How is a regular fighter supposed to easily take on power that comes from the Gods? I think it all depends on the lore. In certain settings it would make sense that magic is more powerful, in other settings it may be completely different.
  3. I would prefer to see less of them, but cliches aren't bad themselves, just that the execution is sometimes very, very poor. A capable person is fully able to add cliches to a game and not make the game suffer. I think it is all about how it is implemented.
  4. I voted for BG and BG 2, but I would love to see PT as well. However, I think the best would be for the game to get it's own "magic". So when people talk about these RPGs, they won't be talking how alike BG and Project Eternity are, but how both of them have their own "magic" (ex, that atmosphere and so forth).
  5. I would love to see multi-player if money can be spared for it. It would be great to get another platform to RP online with, besides NWN 2.
  6. Yes, I would love to see romances in the game.
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