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  1. My pleasure, I'm very happy to hear you like the music for PoE. Regarding the WM song, Josh Sawyer wrote the lyrics. Ayana is a typo though, we were talking about working with her we had to pursue other options. Thanks for bringing that up, I'll have it removed from the credits. I have a last question : does the WM song have a proper title ? PS : I've just finished the game (118 hours ! ), can't wait for a POE 2 !
  2. Thanks for your answers Justin. Here's the 'completed' PoE CD soundtrack page on VGMdb : http://vgmdb.net/album/62093
  3. I would have bet on Josh writing... It the singer is not Ayana Haviv, can you tell me who owns that chilling voice ? I use to post videogames songs on Youtube (no monetization), but I like when I can provide accurate and complete credits.
  4. Thanks for the quick answer, Justin, now I could add the CD in VGMdb base. Even more thanks for PoE music. Another question concerning the Stalwart Inn bard's song from The White March (px1_mus_inn_c.ogg in the game files). I assume you are the music composer, Ayana Haviv is credited as the singer in TWM credits, but can you tell me who wrote the lyrics ?
  5. If ever Justin or any other Obsidian member read this... May we have the complete tracklist for the soundtrack CD (kickstarter addon) ? The CD has 17 tracks... but absolutly no information at all on the disc/label/covers... (even the composer is not credited).
  6. Dans la quête 'L'héritier de Caed Nua' il y a une petite coquille : 'Sapphire' apparait sous sa forme anglaise non traduite, en français c'est 'saphir'
  7. It was answered in the previous page of this thread : If you are looking to get TWM - Part II on the Mac App Store we are trying to get it out early next week if possible.
  8. Thanks :D The song in the background was a collaboration between Josh and I. I wanted to write a folk song set in the world of Eora, and Josh came up with the idea of making it about Ondra and Abydon. Really happy with the way it turned out. Just curious, is there soundtrack from WM I and II available somehow? I have the OG due to KS and i also KSed the expansion, but I cannot find any mention of WM soundtrack, even when looking through available DLs on Steam. You can find the musics as ogg files in the game data... but not the 'WM2 Trailer song'. path is : Pillars of Eternity\Pi
  9. Seems that 'Pallegina Attack' effect has the same icon issue : Buff Icons Missing?
  10. Already reported for the 'Edér Attack' buff icon : Patch 3.0 : U.I.Bug (active effects icons)
  11. Description: In the U.I 2 effects appears to have no icons so they are only shown as a white square. The affected effects are 2 occurences of 'Eder Attack'
  12. It's evening in Sweden (Paradox place) and morning in California... Maybe Obsidian will confirm or deny when they will be in their offices
  13. Release is delayed until early 2015. Seen on Paradox forums : It's very unpleasant that backers have not been informed by Obsidian...
  14. For French-speaking people, my French translation of the update 78 is available HERE. Pour les francophones, ma traduction française de l'update 78 est disponible ICI.
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