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  1. Compare to population and take into account how many speak English well enough to do the survey. If we divide the answers by population (millions, rounded) we get a new list for top countries: 1. FINLAND 923/6=154 2. SWEDEN 141210=141 3. CANADA 3909/36=108 4. AUSTRALIA 2471/24=103 5. USA 25089/323=78 6. BRITAIN 3939/66=59 7. POLAND 1651/37=45 8. GERMANY 2431/82=29 9. FRANCE 1132/67=17 10. RUSSIA 1070/144=7 This leaves the top 6 as the countries where people speak native-level English.
  2. Kusarigama. Thanks for the video! I've wondered for years how you wielded that. Great weapon, but seems limited in-doors or against multiple opponents (or many single opponents in a row). You need a lot of space for the chain and/or to remove the chain afterwards from around a dead body.
  3. I'm not really sure what any of this has to do with what I said, but I'll take a stab. If they pay taxes and are upright, moral citizens, why do they fail to pay people for their hardwork when it comes to media? The girl (a lame attempt at empathy on your part) next door probably watches them on Hulu with ads. Hulu pays royalties to the companies who made Lost and thus are allowed to publish that. But still, this has nothing to do with games or Obsidian, specifically. Expect Hulu (and most other "free to use with ads") services don't work outside USA. Even Youtube has restrictions for mus
  4. There are DRMs that stay uncracked for years.[...] Name one game. If there existed a DRM that couldn't be cracked you can be damn sure Assassin's Creed would have it. Discworld Noir. I own the CDs and have been trying to crack the DRM for years to replay the game (ever since I upgraded from Win ME to XP) and have yet to succeed. On side-note, I pirated the original Baldur's Gate when I was 14 years old and the game was new; I would not have had money to play it otherwise. When Baldur's Gate 2 came out, I was waiting on the door for the store to open to buy my copy. Paid more
  5. If somebody has asked stuff like that in this thread, it has escaped my notice. Mostly people are asking for more exotic races and others are denouncing them as furries. At no point has anybody mentioned romances or actually any sort of relationships. At worst examples have been to Elder Scrolls - was there a lot of yiffing in those games that I failed to see?
  6. EDIT: This was double post due to the forums loading minutes for each page. Please remove.
  7. I can't think of any mythology where anthropomorphic races are the good guys, although you're welcome to give some counterexamples. Even then, I'd guess the good anthropomorphic guys are the minority among mythology. So what do you want to imply? We're fine with slaughtering them. First, depending on the source, Medusa was a normal human that was cursed with the snakes. By another source, she was one of three sisters. Hardly a race, even if having strange hair alone counts! Second, Minotaur was a singular freak of nature, who got locked in the labyrinth because he was related to the
  8. >I do not want to relate, relation, relay, relax, release, rely, relieve, relinquish, relish, or relationship/relative furies (yes nouns are verbs now). Ever. I want them out of my sight or dead. That's perfectly acceptable way to roleplay a prejudiced character.
  9. The thing is, ideas are very easy to have. It's the execution that matters. There are boring films where planets explode and exiting films where the main character never leaves a phone booth. If devs decided to add races that weren't just "humans with three fingers and red skin", they wouldn't do so because "that's what furries like". They are going to go along with what THEY like. What worked in earlier games that P:E is taking influence from and what worked in p&p's. And let me tell you; sex dolls with fur aren't a big part of that. But animalistic races are. EDIT. Also, in case
  10. Afaik there will be no open mod-tools for the public. They promised mod-support in update #16 and compared it to those in NWN2 and F:NV.
  11. I really dislike forums where people drop in and announce their opinions without bothering to check to which direction the conversation is going. Would it have ruined your day to check the last five or six messages in this thread? In this case, I believe we are talking about "anthropomorphic animal races" such as the skaven. Not pre-catgirls.Perhaps the skaven float somebody's boat, but I think that far more are attracted to elves or dwarves. To answer your questions.. 1. Obsidian has announced what the PLAYABLE races are. They have not told if they are the only intelligent races living in
  12. >Now about history...if you look back the fascination and sometimes worship of animal spirits and gods is deeply rooted within mankind. [...] Anthropomorphic deities galore. This is true, but I think our views on why they are so common differ. I'm going to write a rant here, just for the pleasure of it! A little background to my view; few months ago I read books about local believes for an article. I thought and talked about this subject at length. I'm also from one of those places where you can say "when people still believed in the old things" and refer to people who are still ali
  13. Thank you. Spent an hour writing and then fixing the text (still full of missing words and odd grammar!). Hope it brought something to the conversation. Justifying everything with furries seemed awfully strange. I think that if you can see the animal races as cute and cuddly.. well, that's the same as seeing immortal, highly intelligent elves with hundreds of years of life experience as just normal people with pointy ears and anorexia. (Now, looking for an avatar.)
  14. I read the whole topic and the answers disappoint me. Really? You'd sacrifice gameplay because somebody is going to wank over it? If we really are going to have an issue over that, there isn't much left on the game. Elves? Gone. Horses and other pack-animals? Gone. Exotic clothing? Gone. Any relationships before proper marriage? Gone. Rule 34. You may want to google it (but not at work). But to the topic itself. I'm for anthropomorphic races. For several reasons; - First, because elves/dwarves etc. are just "humans with pointy ears"/"small humans with beards". It's very easy to see
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