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  1. As someone who have played the Shinning Force series or FEDA Emblem of Justice (translated) more than a decade ago, I don't see any problem with any kind of race. Though the ironclad characters looked somewhat wrong as they looked like humans with hoods; the ones with their "unique" fighting style/pose (or different sprites) or light armor and a "monsterlike" stance while still wielding a weapon were cool. But It might be too hard to animate different fighting styles now compared to the simple spritesheets of years ago.
  2. I would prefer a general "go to that place" idea, and after reaching that place, use some class/skills based hints, like using animal empathy or tracking/scouting to obtain clues about the quest, persuasion/intimidate against some NPCs, some Adivination/Clairvoyance spells or summoning some minor spirit guide.
  3. It would be way more viable to select the answer through a vocabulary menu. You have your own vocabulary of premade words, you just type half the word and the vocabulary suggests some possible words that you might want to say; or just look through the "Actions", "Places", "People", etc. menus and look for the word that you want to say.
  4. I voted for no level scaling, though my favourite idea would be no scaling for stronger enemies and "poorly level scaling" for weak ones. Making the weak foes slightly stronger and more like minions of stronger foes. Something like this: A guard will be Lv 10 with 100stat points and will scale +5 level. An elite guard will start at Lv20 with 260stat points and will scale +7 level. Your guy warrior will start at Lv1 with 15stat points and scale +10 level.
  5. Not as a full fledged companion, but maybe as a familiar with a bit of personality that just says his opinion on other characters or your actions and has basic talking skills. Chosing between fae/devil with some spells and a couple of skills that require human-like interface like lockpicking or pickpocketing, canine/feline with tracking skills and maybe some weak fighting skills, or a combat oriented thing like a drake/pseudodragon with a bit of strengh and a couple of combat skills (like a D&D monk with bad stats) but useless out of combat. Maybe with the posibility of making it stronge
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