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  1. No, ur weapons and ur chest armor does nothing for ur shifted form Oh. So armor goes away as well? That's good to know, thanks!
  2. I've been toying with an idea for a Shifter multi-class build for my next playthrough but I'm wondering about certain mechanical aspects of shapeshift. Namely, do the bonuses from weapons I have equipped in the normal form carry over after shape shift? I know that shifted druid's hands count as their own weapon but if I say carry Min's Fortune, does the stacking critical chance carry over? I don't think so, but I'd thought I'd check with you guys.
  3. I will take your word for it. But that's the thing - sometimes the romances are good. For one romance that I can name (despite hating the mechanics behind party relations in the Dragon Age: Origins) that had reasonably interesting impact on the story in that series is the Morrigan in Origins. But the general trend towards having a romance because that's what people expect isn't something I agree with. I stand by my orginal opinion, that crowbaring the romance into the story is putting the cart before the horse.
  4. I'm late, but I'll add my 3 cents anyway. I am not terribly enthusiastic about romances. Especially not in the more modern games, where they seem to be more like a necessary element to check off from the list, rather than something devs and writers felt would improve the story. And this is why I don't understand why some people seem to try and pressure Obsidian into adding romances. Lets just look at some more recent Bioware games. They all have romances, but the romances themselves are nothing to really write home about. Some are moderately interesting or enjoyable, but they basically boil down to always choosing the nice dialogue options (or downright simplified to being marked with a "Romance" icon). That is not much of a story to follow. If at any point the good folks at Obsidian decide that they can achieve something interesting by adding the romance I'll be all for it. But looking specifically for the opportunity to add it, because community demands it? That'd only make the result worse.
  5. This is not a one I believe or guess, but the one I'd like to see for my Bleakwalker Arqebusier (if I decide for a splash): Paladin + Ranger = Witchfinder General
  6. This, so much this. Especially in games where companions approval or lack of therof can have serious consequences. It destroys what little RP I can put into the games and stops me from considering "how would this character act in those circumstances?" instead I think "how should I act to keep [Companion] happy?".
  7. One feature I liked, but thought that it was underutilized, in Pillars of Eternity was gaining additional talents from the plot. It holds certain satisfaction to see the results of my character actions having a permanent effect on them. I also liked how White March extended this towards some of the companions. I sincerely hope that Dreadfire makes more extensive use of that mechanic. Even going further than just completing quests. I think one way to gain some of those plot talents could be reaching maximum score in disposition or reputation with a faction.
  8. Hell, maybe we could get something like Darkest Dungeon camping skills? Each class getting access to some bonuses to use during camp, which somehow scale with Survival? Or the number of skills a character can use is determined by their Survival score. And food as tied to camping could replace the current rest bonus from Survival and be the mobile "Inn" buff.
  9. I personally am happy with that. Maybe it is me not being hardcore enough to appreiate resource menagement aspect, but the "per rest system" is unfun. It just causes me to develop hoarder mentality with spells and abilities. "No, I won't use any of those spells now, cause I might need them later." Especially in the early game it either caused me to agonize over using that Slicken or Armor of Faith or to make an encounter more difficult than it had to be, cause I adamantly refused to use the spell. So going into per encounter might need some rebalancing and finding challenge elsewhere, but it is a welcome change from the point of view of develpoing a neurosis.
  10. But... Why would you ever put food in the quickslot? As you described, it adds lots of unnecessary steps to the whole process. Since you don't use it combat anyway, but as a preparation I just dragged it directly onto the characters without ever leaving the menu. It is bit needleesly cumbersome, but not nearly as much as you describe.
  11. I am of two minds about those. The concept itself is pretty fine. It is a great way to make the world seem more real, with characters that have their own stories and adventures. However some of the vignettes are bit out of place in my opinion. Some of the characters are suggested to be quite powerful or important, but they just stand around doing nothing much at all. It makes me wonder, how much involvment did backers have with the creations of the stories, because some of them are pretty great and some, not so much. Density of such characters is also bit much. Reading 3 or 4 stories of extraordinary deeds in a row strains the disbelief a bit, maybe if they were spread I'd be less conflicted about them. Still, it is overall a decent piece of fluff and easy enough to ignore if one feels inclined to do so.
  12. In my playthrough I am noticing an issue with character "soundbite" dialogue in combat. Whenever a character completes ability it returns "failure" quip. Say I use "Field Triage" on one of my characters with durance he says 'Not even slowed down' quip. Every time. When my main character Cipher uses abiliy (occures most often and most glaringly with Wispers of Treason) wheather it suceeds or not she returns "This is not working" sound line. Not a gamebreaking issue at any rate, but terribly annoying.
  13. People here are trying to equalize homosexuality with pedophilia for the sake of not including the former. I doubt any one here is, or at least would out himself as, serious advocate of pedophilia. But there is no real problem with introducing it. Just using a theme in work of fiction does not mean it is going to support the theme. There are many works concerning themselves with rape, but few of them are outright showing it as something good. Pedophilia though is interesting example, since it is in part a cultural thing. What is today considered social and sexual taboo became such due to progress in medicine and introduction of mandatory education. In medieval times age of around 15 or 16 would be considered more or less mature and no one would bat an eyelid at the sight of 16 year old girl getting married and bearing children. And equalizing pedophilia with homosexuality is about as reasonable as equalizing rape with it. Homosexuals typically are able to understand what they are doing and can give consent. Children are not really able to understand full meaning of sexual act and even if they supposedly give consent it is faulty. Thus pedophilia can't be considered legitimate orientation.
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