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  1. It's all Lucas Arts' fault. Obsidian are like Michelangelo and Lucas Arts are the evil pope forcing the artist to rush the job and have it done in time for the slobbering masses eager to have games for their kiddies under the Christmas tree. If only Obsidian had been given more time -- say, 5 years, to actually figure out what the heck their story line was.
  2. Good point. Why is it that most of these projects are done by college students? Aren't there any 30 year-olds out there who know how to script?
  3. Yeah, it's all Lucas Arts' fault. Obsidian are the real victims here.
  4. Completely skip the Peragus mining station and Telos and just get on the Ebon Hawk and fly to whatever planet I want from the get-go. Pick up whatever henchmen I want along the way and leave behind or kill whatever henchmen I don't like. Play the game however I want and not be forced down Obsidian's "I really wanted to be a Hollywood screenwriter but I'm settling for game writer for the time being til my college buddy's friend gets me that Spielberg interview" game design.
  5. Yes. Brilliant. Obsidian, hire this kid immediately.
  6. Am I the only person who actually liked GOTO?? Here's a dude who can: pick locks hack computers disarm and recover mines (just by flying over them) and with his combat implant fire off close to 200 damage in a single round Add to that an interesting back story, good voice acting and a not-so-subtle homage to the HAL9000 and how can you not love that fat ball of wires? I notice most of you GOTO haters admit to never having actually used him. Hmm... As far as Atton and Visas, KOTOR2 was just so easy that the last thing I needed was another jedi with a couple light sabers making battles end in 2 seconds instead of 4.
  7. Suzy, you nailed it. Unfortunately, most people here complain about the cut content (robot planet, yipee!), poor animations, just lame stuff like that. Sadly, I think there is a whole generation of gamers whose concept of an RPG is Zelda and Final Fantasy. They are used to being held by the hand and led along a story arc by the game's designers. They might get to choose which color lightsaber they use or what type of hairdo their character has, but plot-wise it's like watching a movie. And lots of gamers don't seem to mind that. The core problem with KOTOR2 was you were just watching a movie. Lots of cut scenes -- including stuff your character never should have seen. That kind of "meanwhile, back on the ship..." kind of crap where'd you'd be privy to a private conversation between Atton and Disciple or something. KOTOR2's designers approached the game like a script writer would approach a movie or novel. Even when they offered us choices, they were false choices. The vast majority of conversations in the game, it literally doesn't matter which response you choose. You could pick "I shall gladly save you, oh noble and lovely lass!" or "Die wench... and I'm taking your lunch money too!" and the end result was always the same, i.e. you fight someone or are given a quest. The player felt like they actually were given some freedom, but they really weren't. If KOTOR3 happens, I'd love to see the game start with my character just sitting in the c0ckpit of his ship staring at the nav computer and deciding which of a dozen planets he's going to visit first. And let me take it from there.
  8. Not sure what you're talking about. Darth Treya DID kill my Exile. Game over. Oh well, maybe I'll beat the big boss dude at the end of Kotor 3. (w00t)
  9. I always get kinda philosophical when this topic comes up. Yes, it's just a game and most of us have no problem committing video game fantasy violence against characters in a video game, but I wonder how many of you "it's fun being evil' folks would be willing to rape in a video game? Or rape or kill children? Suddenly, that "it's just a game" excuse doesn't hold up, does it? And why not? In other words, you do draw a line somewhere (at least, I hope you do) and "it's just a game" isn't a very good excuse.
  10. This game is so incredibly difficult to get through, I can see why you'd want to be level 50. I mean, golly, killing everything in 1 hit when you're level 15 or so is just so challenging. Level 50 could probably kill stuff in half a hit.
  11. I have a dream. A dream that someday little Tarentateks and little Jedi can play together in my front yard.
  12. I suspect that Obsidian ran out of time and tweaking the challenge level of the game was last on the priority list. So fanboys can blame Lucas Arts. One of the most significant things in KOTOR2 that makes it much easier than KOTOR1 is, for some stupid reason, enemy force-users in K2 NEVER, EVER use force powers. Okay, maybe Kreia uses a power or two in the final battle, and Nihilis uses a paralyze on you but that's totally scripted into the story line and you fail your save no matter what. In K1 at least, Sith would toss a few force powers at you from time to time and buff themselves up, which made Force Breach and Force Immunity somewhat useful. I gotta wonder why Obsidian did that. I mean, the AI was there they just chose not to use it. I guess they figured Sith actually using force powers against you would just make the game too hard.
  13. Wasted our time indeed, considering our little lesson in the difference between "your" and "you're" was completely wasted on you.
  14. Amen to that. Regarding Mandy, I had him nailing Dark Jedi on the Ravager at 170 points of damage a pop with a rifle. Melee?? Pfft! GOTO, when properly outfitted, can also do enormous damage with the Rapid Shot feat. I had him tearing stuff to pieces before my jedi guy could even reach them with his sabers. Add to that GOTO's talent for hacking computers, repairing droids, disarming mines and popping locks and I found him to be one of the most useful henchmen in the game. The funny voice and HAL9000 eyeball were just icing on the cake. An all-Jedi party to me just seems like overkill. It's not like K2 was challenging or something. Heck, you could let Kreia tank through the whole game and kill everything with ease.
  15. you are should be "you're" NOT "your" as you wrote above. Just pointing out a spelling mistake.
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