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  1. I don't want one-sided quests. Even if it's bandits vs town guards or abolitionists vs slavers or opressed villagers vs tyrant or whatever. I want to choose a side myself, not be dictated by developers.
  2. I don't want bandits or animals to be enemies by default. Animals normally fear humans and try to avoid them, not mindlessly attack. And why should bandits attack everyone on sight, especially a group of well-armed adventurers? That's just suicidal.
  3. I agree with the OP. Autoleveling of skills is the worst system ever for computer games. Realism may seem like a good argument but does it really enchance gameplay? Absolutely not. It just forces player to repeat same actions over and over again to raise skills. And it's still not very realistic that you become master smith by crafting bajillion simple iron daggers. Or master swordsman by hitting mudcrab ten thousand times.
  4. Some people should probably fund a game all by themselves to get everything they dream of. Point of Project Eternity is not in fulfilling sexual fantasies of every single human being. At least I hope so.
  5. I don't mind gay characters as long as their roles are minor. Or as long as the role of their gayness is minor. If one of the companions is gay but it's not a big deal -- fine. Arcade Gannon is a good example. But no gay romances, please, that's just disgusting.
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