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  1. I'm not a music critic, so I don't pretend I could say something more intelligent except of: I liked it and I think it's really great work! Dwarven Dweller reminded me a little bit of Michiel van de Bos' Overlord OSt? All the best for your happy day!
  2. To be correct, no new members, only some I had forgotten during the whole process or who still had to come up with a (new) name. It was a joke.
  3. Only if you register on the Order website. For the order always, for an individual forums title for founding members unfortunately not. My apologies
  4. We registered an IRC channel for the Obsidian Order, so if you don't mind the name we could offer this one. We are open to every one and we are definitely focused on Obsdian and Project Eternity. It's #ObsidianOrderofEternity on QuakeNet. You can also access the channel via Browser from our Website http://www.obsidiano.../pages/chat.php We are in the beginnings, so at the moment maybe there isn't someone to talk 24/7. But if we stay persistent and advertise it regulary we can grow over time.
  5. Hope so. Still new grounds for me, have to remember all the new task that now pop up over there and things that still need adjustments, but hope to get some routine soon. We definitely need some moderators.
  6. Hope so. Still new grounds for me, have to remember all the new task that now pop up over there and things that still need adjustments, but hope to get some routine soon. We definitely need some moderators, soon.
  7. For me it's already Monday, so it's time to stop here. The books are closed. I know, there are some people still waiting for their title. Don't fear, this decision does not count for you and you will get it soon. But for the rest this means you can spare your 8 bucks from now. We hope you enjoyed our little game and that you like your forum titles. Thanks to Obsidian, especially Feargus and Darren, for making this possible and many thanks to Fionavar, who actually implemented all your requests! Fenrir, LC and myself are still working on the Order Website, but I think we made some good pro
  8. Please welcome: Czechmart, Knight of the Obsidian Order Coolraft, Keymaster of the Obsidian Order Corlagon, Ambassador of the obsidian order Excalibur6, Offical Sword of the Obsidian Order
  9. Fionavar updates the list only once a day. So if you've posted after I've sent the new list you have to wait for his next update cycle (which was obviously the case here).
  10. Was a name of a popular NWN mod. (BTW, this modder ist also the creators of Grotesque Tactic)
  11. Simply choose a unique title. For this please take a look at the member list in the first post. I will take care for the rest.
  12. Yes, today is the last chance. It's a honorary system. We won't know (but Obsidian will).
  13. Please welcome: Commdor, Neuromancer of the Obsidian Order Nephente77, Mad Scientist of Obsidian Order
  14. Please welcome our new members: TensaiOni, Winged Hussar of the Obsidian Order drake heath, Lord Commissar of the Obsidian Order It's an honour system. How may we call you? Please choose a unique title. As Sugarjaye said:
  15. Me, but my guess is you don't really want to know what pain I can inflict with a simple broom. Won't happen again and the deadline doesn't count for them who have registered their claim before but have been forgotten.
  16. Time is running out, books will be closed tomorrow (for me today). So please welcome our latest members: K1113R, Chaos Sorcerer o the Obsidian Order Freshock, High Berserker of the Obsidian Order Dagnabbit, Wrangler of the Obsidian Order
  17. Welcome to our new members: Joukehainen, Astrophysicist of the Obsidian Order Kindo, Modron of the Obsidian Order Ryusenkai, Bladesinger of the Obsidian Order Azureblaze, Shrouded Assassin of the Obsidian Order
  18. Welcome to our newest entries: vodka, Official Beverage of the Obsidian Order Shiroco, Desertstorm of the Obsidian Order You are on my next update list (this evening UTF+1). I've sent PMs to Floren and Silver Night, because their titles have been already taken, but no answer so far.
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