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  1. I agree (and particularly the ASoIaF ref) ... I chose the second option in the vote. I feel like these elements should be present in the world. I think if you limit what can exist and go on in the world then you also undermine the representations of good and evil struggles (and inner struggles). It's almost disingenuous to have some evil behaviours represented and not others - it makes the world less realistic with less serious consequences. One of the reasons I respect Game of Thrones / ASoIaF is that war is represented properly - as a horrible, terrible thing that changes people, changes the
  2. Aww... the forum tells me I've used up my quota of 'likes' for today... I should stop being so agreeable. I like this suggestion you've had, and just to elaborate - the reputation should be national, regional and by faction too. Very complicated I guess but we can dream!
  3. There are 36,000 backers at the moment. Your lucky if there are 20-40 people posting about romances. The whole point of PE is to be an old school RPG. Which interests those that liked the old school rpg. The devs do heavily mentioned the Baldur's Gate series and PS:T when they talk about their plans and vision for the project. Interesting character interactions, including romance, was one of the reasons, in my opinion (and yes, it is only my opinion!), why these were popular. I understand your concern about distribution of resources but for me, I'd say well-written immersiv
  4. Yeah, I completely understand the need to not be too specific when it comes to the 'stretch goals' but I think a lot of people are getting the wrong idea that the margin of money between each stretch *only* pays for what you have specified in the goal, which I know to not be the case as is pinned at the top of the forum. I think it's absolutely incredible what you are trying to get together, and I can understand the dilemma you probably faced at the beginning about what to put as the initial starting funding money.
  5. I looooooooved Athkatla in BG2. I alway felt that there were so many things to explore, so many things going on around you. It really felt like it was living and breathing.
  6. Just taking the Baldur's Gate mod, Virtue, that was trying to put another spin on morality/social perception. I liked the idea that they split it into two: reputation and virtue... I have a feeling that as mentioned above, because there will be some kind of 'soul system', there may be a split similar to this. I really like this idea (and the uniforms, etc) in relation to reputation. Having an 'outer face' that can work well for more intelligent evil/selfish types as well as the virtuous, and then contrasting this with an inner 'soul' facet. Through 'strong soul' deeds such as stand
  7. Yes! I like the idea that different romances only open up through your responses to certain quests, or perhaps your alliance to a certain faction (if for example you ally yourself with the city guard then that leads you to have a one-to-one chat /encounter with an NPC that leads to greater intimacy than if you only encounter them 'outside the faction'. Absolutely - I think the fact that major characters could have feelings for the PC, including just being attracted to the NPC which would make them behave more nicely or give information more freely, etc would be great. Ways in which th
  8. I like the idea of having a spectrum of lawful versus lawless/rebellious and then another spectrum that is more altruistic/empathetic versus selfish/ ends oriented. Sometimes the end-game part is less of an interest to me than how one gets there... for example within quests, are you able to uncover the information through subterfuge/charisma or through spying/ thief work or through bullying the weaker or through using the law to search a place, etc, etc. I like the idea that although perhaps solving most quests ends in the same way, the method of solving them (and thus the time taken/the diffi
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