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  1. WEST COAST IS BEST COAST "Best" is an interesting mispelling of "worst".
  2. Dude, he's a backer. Same pledge level as you. I imagine he's experienced the same glitch as a few others have with the forum KS badge. I didn't know there was a glitch with the KS backer badge. I also just figured he backed it after the KS campaign.
  3. >OP claims to have communicated with the devs via Kickstarter chat or whatever >Wasn't even a kickstarter backer. I'm suspicious.
  4. Master Geoffrey Scrumbledine Lord Gregory Humphrocious Sir Jim Bob
  5. The "Shipping Soon" status is discorrect. Pretty sure all physical copies are out the door.
  6. It's dropped to 450 users! D: THE HYPE IS FADING
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